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Xlookup Built-In Offset Functions use with Messy PDF Data

Xlookup Built-In Offset Functions Use w/ Messy PDF Data   Microsoft Excel Prefers Clean Data Tables: Businesses often find themselves programmatically importing data into Excel from a PDF data file.  The Excel Xlookup's Built-In Offset Functions use with Messy PDF Data.   When you do this, which formulas you are able to use to extract the [...]

5 Ways to Remove Duplicates in Excel

5 Ways to Remove Unwanted Duplicates in Excel Let Us Help You - We Are For Hire   What is a "Duplicate" in Excel, and how can you spot them, and then remove them:  In Excel, a duplicate is considered to be a value that appears more than once in a given range of cells.  [...]

Excel Transpose Methods Then and Now

Excel Transpose Methods Then and Now Microsoft Excel programmers have long used the PasteSpecial Transpose method to Transpose (Pivot) their data.  While very useful, it is a manual process and such it does take more effort than desired. But that was then, this is now, and transposing Excel data just got much easier with the [...]

Using VStack to Consolidate Excel Datasets

Using Excel VStack to Consolidate Datasets Let's start with this, why would you want or need to consolidate datasets in Microsoft Excel?    Because your Excel programmer decided to place like data across multiple tabs and multiple workbooks. They could have just as easily if not more easily, put all of the data in one [...]

Intermediate Excel Programming Skills

10 Intermediate Excel Programming Skills to Advance Your Career   Can improving your Excel skills help to advance your career? Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet application on the market today.  If you work in business, or in an office, chances are that you work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis.  Knowing these [...]