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Who We Serve as Microsoft Subject Matter Experts

As Consultants, Programmers, Developers, and Trainers = Microsoft Data Visualization Experts.

In a nutshell: We work with all sorts of organizations from Big Business, Colleges, Government, Non-Profits to small Family Businesses, helping each of them with programming and training services in the Microsoft Office 365 Programs and the Four Microsoft Database Applications.

Basically no matter the organization type or market sector, we are able to help you with our advanced programming, development and training services in the Microsoft applications.  Below are a few representative clients from several of the primary sectors we work.


No matter what market sector you are in, you can get a Smarter Microsoft Solution



Client Market Sectors:

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Client Sectors: Business, Government, Education, Non-Profits, Family Business.




♦ Such as Microsoft, Exelon, Morgan Stanley, IBM. ( Read More )




♦ Such as the US Department of Commerce, DMV, Social Security Administration, Canadian Food Inspection Agency. ( Read More )



US Military

♦ Such as the US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, US Department of Veterans Affairs. ( Read More )



US Law Enforcement

♦ Police Departments such as the NYPD, SDPD, LAPD, and the US Federal Public Defender.




♦ Colleges such as USC, Harvard, UCI, USC. ( Read More )




♦ Such as the British Red Cross, YMCA, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. ( Read More )






Example Client Industries/Departments:



Finance Departments

♦ Such as Pepsico, LinkedIn, Red Bull, Comcast. ( Read More )






Automotive Industry and Related








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