10 Reasons to Work with Excel and Access, LLC.

Here at Excel & Access, we strive to offer the sort of service that makes other companies look to us for leadership and guidance on best practices. If you’re still sitting on the fence about whether or not to opt for Excel & Access, take a look at these 10 reasons why our product and our process are second to none:

1. Become Efficient & Get Stuff Done

Becoming more organized and efficient is a great thing, no matter your profession. Besides organizing data, the multitude of functions and programs available in Excel and Access are all designed to be time-savers, doing all of the math and pulling all of the tables for you to spare you the heavy lifting. After the end of a workday with these tools, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got along without them to begin with!

2. Access Is Designed for Everyone

Although Excel is highly useful for storing data and solving problems, ultimately it is a flat file and not a relational database. For that, you need Access. Access is simple and easy to use, and is capable of creating database applications by pulling the relevant data from Excel and generating and joining tables. Access also allows you to create views or queries, share information, and create easily digestible forms and reports for meetings and presentations.

3. Immediate Access

When you’re dealing with data, having the ability to quickly access the information you need is critical to efficiency and productivity. Because Excel is readily available as a part of the Office Suite, your team can swiftly access whatever numbers they need from any location and a range of different devices, making it especially useful for large companies and remote employees.

4. Easily Move and Connect Data

Excel and Access go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you transfer data from Excel over to Access, you don’t even need to create or open a table first. Access will simply ask if your data has headers, take an accurate stab at the correct data type, and voila, it will create a table for you!

Linking, importing, and reconnecting data between Access and Excel is simple, and our team can show you how to get the most out of the connections between these two programs.

5. Use Access Reports with Excel Data

Once you’ve imported the Excel data you need, you can get going with Access right away. In just a few clicks and the touch of a button, you can create precisely the forms and reports you need for any occasion.

6. Most Admin Positions Require Microsoft Office Programs

If you run or manage a medium-to-large sized business, you can appreciate the value of having expertise in having Microsoft Office programs. In the modern business world, having skills in Microsoft Office is a must, especially when it comes to grooming employees for administration positions.

7. Boost Your Team’s Productivity

By getting your team up to speed in using tools such as Excel and Access, they can become highly self-sufficient in organizing data, producing reports, designing data tables, and sharing vital information. With their shiny new skills, your employees and teammates will be able to do their jobs with greater independence from your office’s technical team, allowing them to perform their duties and fulfill their goals with distractions.

8. Invest in Your Value

Whatever vertical you’re working in, Excel and Access skills are quite an asset. By giving your team the proper tools, training, and access to experts in the field, you can enhance their value and that of your company along with them while gaining an edge over the competition.

9. Utilize the Mail Merge Service

Did you know that Access can even be used as a Mail Merge service? From email messages to letters and cards, you’ll have plenty of wizards for all of the tasks you need completing, such as creating and designing labels from your reports.

10. Take Advantage of the new Dynamic Array Functions

Game Changers.  The new Excel Dynamic Array Functions change the way one programs Excel.


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