Microsoft Excel Should be Easy to Use

Microsoft Excel Should Be Easy to Use Based on my 37 years of programming in Microsoft Excel, I can personally tell you that there is absolutely no reason for Excel to frustrate you, or for Excel to be difficult to use.  Simply put, Microsoft Excel should be easy to use.   If Excel is not [...]

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Intermediate Excel Programming Skills

10 Intermediate Excel Programming Skills to Advance Your Career   Can improving your Excel skills help to advance your career? Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet application on the market today.  If you work in business, or in an office, chances are that you work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis.  Knowing these [...]

Microsoft Excel Lead Tracker Application

  Our Microsoft Excel Lead Tracker allows you to instantly see exactly where your BEST Leads Originate   Our Microsoft Excel Lead Tracker allows you to Instantly see where your best leads originate.   Excel Should Be Easy To Use   Our Excel Lead Tracker Application Our Excel Lead Tracker application uses a [...]

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Choose the Right Microsoft Database for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Microsoft Database Application(s) for Your Organization's Needs   There are four Microsoft databases to choose from, four to integrate and to automate into one complete, seamless Microsoft Database Solution A Smarter Microsoft Database Solution     Microsoft has four relational databases to choose from. How do you choose?   How [...]

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Best Excel Functions for Budgeting

The 7 Best Excel Budget Formulas - Excel Functions for Budgeting & Forecasting in Microsoft Excel   We were recently asked, "What are the 7 best advanced Excel functions for forecasting and budgeting for business?"    What are the best Excel budget formulas?   Given the number of Excel budgeting projects we have worked on over the [...]

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Location Talent Results

Location, Talent, Results: What Matters Most for the Success of Your Project? The quality of the work should come before everything else, for best results LOCATION - Location can be very important, and it definitely matters if you want local onsite help.Firms having the ability to travel onsite to the client is an important option to have [...]

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Why Integrate & Automate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Access

Why Integrate & Automate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Access Because Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access were designed by Microsoft to be fully integrated and automated into one seamless solution, with a point-n-click forms driven graphical user interface to merge power with ease of use.   Leverage the power of the Access database calculation engine with [...]

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Microsoft Database Experts

Expert Microsoft Database Development Services. Microsoft Database Application Subject Matter Experts,  Advanced Data Visualization Experts. Professional Microsoft Database Development, featuring point-n-click Integration & Automation in the four Microsoft Relational Database applications, plus Microsoft Excel & Office ( a complete system; a Smarter Microsoft Solution ): For Business, Government, Education, Non-profits and small family run businesses.   To [...]

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XUMO – Comcast Microsoft Access Database Development for this Tech Startup

XUMO: Microsoft Access Database Development.     XUMO/Comcast needed a fully integrated and automated solution in Microsoft Access and Excel for their Hi-Tech Business Startup. The Project: When new business startup XUMO (Eventually acquired by Comcast) needed a Smarter Microsoft Access database developed, they hired our company to build their new business model, the software [...]

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British Red Cross Case Study BLOG post

Blog Post: The British Red Cross Case Study This blog post goes over a recent Microsoft Excel and Access training project with the British Red Cross in Lebanon. With this post our goal is to give you an idea of what it is like to engage us for one-on-one Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft Access training, [...]

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