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Excel Tables versus Access Database

Recent Microsoft Excel Tables Project We used Excel Tables instead of an Access Database We Build Custom Database Replacement Solutions in Microsoft Excel We recently completed an Excel Development project for a custom guitar builder.  The Excel solution was mostly built with Excel Tables.  Some Power Query was used.  The Tables provided the data structure [...]

Using VStack to Consolidate Excel Datasets

Using Excel VStack to Consolidate Datasets Let's start with this, why would you want or need to consolidate datasets in Microsoft Excel?    Because your Excel programmer decided to place like data across multiple tabs and multiple workbooks. They could have just as easily if not more easily, put all of the data in one [...]

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Get Excel Table Addresses

Get Excel Table Addresses w/ Excel VBA In this post we show you examples of how to get Excel Table addresses.  We do so with Excel vba. What are Table Addresses in Excel In Microsoft Excel, a Table Address refers to the cells/range occupied by a structured Excel Table.  A structured Excel Table is a [...]

Working with Microsoft Excel Tables in VBA

Working with Microsoft Excel Tables in VBA This blog post will be based on Working with Microsoft Excel tables in VBA. They present some unique issues, which has to do with how their structured in the object model. Good or bad, it's what we have. These are based on my trial and errors, so [...]

Use Structured References in Excel Tables

Use Structured References in Excel Tables Using structured references in Excel Tables provide many benefits.  By using structured references in tables, you can optimize your Excel Functions.  Excel Table structured references enhance data analysis and simplify Excel programming. The results are files that are easier to use, and easier to program.   We suggest you work with [...]

Running Total in a Microsoft Excel Table

Running Total in an Excel Table Microsoft Excel Tables are an amazingly powerful tool, just as powerful as Excel VBA, UserForms, Pivot Tables, and Dynamic Arrays.   Creating a running total in an Excel Table is a common practice.  But sometimes people have issues with them.  As such, we cover how to use Running Total in [...]