XUMO: Microsoft Access Database Development.



XUMO/Comcast needed a fully integrated and automated solution in Microsoft Access and Excel for their Hi-Tech Business Startup.

The Project:

When new business startup XUMO (Eventually acquired by Comcast) needed a Smarter Microsoft Access database developed, they hired our company to build their new business model, the software that would run their accounting and finance departments financials.

Our top Microsoft Access programmer and developer has been working with Comcast for a few years now, on this Access based revenue sharing application.

The project is nowhere near completion, as projects like this with clients like this, are ongoing and never really end. This application is so powerful and complicated and of such importance, that it is constantly evolving.


Organization : XUMO (Comcast)

Sector : Technology, Startup.

Contact Method: Chat.

Client Service Rep: Maria.

Developer: Stan.

Locations : Irvine, Los Angles.

Solution :  Revenue Share application.

Build an Access and Excel based Revenue Share database application for this new startup, eventually acquired by Comcast, Fully Integrated & Automated Microsoft Access Database Development, with Microsoft Excel programming.

Applications: Microsoft Access and Excel, fully integrated and automated with VBA.

Project Start Date: 6/17/2019.

Project Status: Active, two years and counting.


Fully Integrated and Automated application, Access and Excel, a “Smarter Microsoft Solution”.






Their Initial Microsoft Access and Excel Coding and Development Needs ( First Communication ):


Our Company XUMO is an ad supported streaming company – very much like Netflix but we make money out of ads.  The content or shows that we stream, we share revenue with and that where this report comes in.

We use third party ad servers Google DFP, Spotx and Freewheel to gather the impressions and $ revenue.  We break out the impressions as to different content providers that we prepare a revenue share report, and submit a report based on that.  So we have one main rev share report to calculate allocations, and then 100 + individual reports that we send to content partners.  The format all look the same so I imagine using access can better serve us.

Our revenue share report is now 100MB.  Yes, we use office 365 and looking to get this project as soon as possible.



Microsoft Access Coding and Development Services by leading Microsoft Database Experts.



Microsoft Access Forms Interface for Ease of Use for a Smarter Microsoft Database Solution:

Microsoft Access Form.



You do not need to know anything about Microsoft Access programming or coding to use a properly built Microsoft Access database.  The primary tool that makes it possible to make it so an employee can be a user of a point-n-click system without being a database developer?  Simple, Access Forms.

Take it further, if an Access database is properly integrated and automated, you can completely remove the user from the experience, through the advanced use of Microsoft VBA, to FULLY  automate the process. It is not that hard to do, if you are any good at this.  So pay for the work once, then save money each time you run it, what could be more simple?


Leverage the power of VBA/Macros, to take your Microsoft applications to the next level; a Smarter Microsoft Solution if you will.



Why would Xumo use Microsoft Access and not SQL Server?

If SQL Server is the most powerful database application produced by Microsoft, why would Xumo/Comcast choose to work in Microsoft Access instead?

Simple, the ease of use and the graphical user interface, Access Forms.

Xumo wanted a powerful yet easy to use database, and they wanted it to have a point-n-click interface.  On top of that, there is the issue of cost, as Xumo is a hi-tech startup, so the cost of the application itself, the licensing, etc, made Access the database of choice, as those costs do not exist, where for SQL Server those costs can add up quickly.  So ease of use, and affordability were key items.



The Microsoft Access Database Development Process

– Database Design, Forms Graphical User Interface

Microsoft Access is an amazingly powerful and super user friendly database.  Sure, it is less powerful than SQL Server, Microsoft’s most powerful database, but Access is installed on more computers than is SQL Server, and for very good reason, ease of use.

The Forms based GUI is the dominant feature of Access.  Without that, Access would be used far less.



Xumo wanted Integrated and Automated Microsoft Excel Files for Reporting and Analysis

For this project, which was primarily a database development and coding project in Microsoft Access, we did a lot of Microsoft Excel programming work, creating integrated and automated reports, analysis, and KPI files.

Microsoft Excel is often integrated with Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI, through the use of VBA. Really, if you work in Excel and you work in Access, why copy and paste, etc., why not integrate and automate the two applications into one seamless solution, a Smarter Microsoft Solution.

Doing so saves Xumo time, which translates to money, but it also brings in ease of use, and it eliminates frustration.  Look, these applications were meant to talk together, that is why Microsoft created VBA.  It takes a top Microsoft data visualization expert to do this properly, as it can be very complicated.





Microsoft’s Databases, which are right for your organization?

Microsoft has 4 relational databases.  Microsoft Access is the most used of those, and Access has the really nice and easy to use graphical user interface, which is Forms based.

Microsoft’s Relational Database Application Experts:

1. Access
2. SQL Server
3. Azure
4. Power BI







When it comes to hiring a programmer or developer in Microsoft Access, you want to make sure that the coder you hire is a professional, working for a firm with a proven track record, that does this Monday through Friday, 8-5.

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