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As we are located in Irvine, California, we also have excellent senior developers located in Canada for our team to provide our services to our clients.  It is hard to find quality Canadian Microsoft expert services.  While there are a few top tier developers there, truly talented developers are hard to find.  Fortunately, we not only have senior developers located in Canada but we also have formidable partner relationships with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) certified partners located in Canada to provide our various range of services.  We also work remotely with numerous clients in Canada.  If you are in Canada, and you need our Consulting, Programming, Training, or Power BI services, contact us to get the solutions you need.

We approached Chris and his team at Excel and Access to help optimize our processes in Excel and reporting in MS Word. What they provided was above and beyond our expectations, and at a reasonable cost.  If you’re performing work in the MS Office Suite manually, chances are they can automate it.  – Twenty Twenty Analytics

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Our Canadian market is expanding every year, and we are proud of the clients we have served over the years.  As Canada is our partner to the North, we also have the ability to work with clients on site on a cost effective basis.  Team members needed for on site client work are available to accommodate time sensitive needs and priority objectives on behalf of our clients in each of our various markets.  We work with clients from Montreal to Toronto to Quebec on an on going basis, and we will continue to expand our presence providing local experts throughout Canada for years to come.  Our team of career professionals, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) certified team members, Microsoft Certified Partners and Microsoft Authors is solely focused on always providing best in class solutions for our clients.