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Microsoft Excel, Access, & SQL Experts in Canada

A market-leading provider of benchmark Microsoft Application solutions since 1994, Excel & Access has locations around the globe, including a growing number of Canadian offices. From Quebec City to Vancouver and everywhere in between, Excel & Access offers top-tier Microsoft Application programming, consulting, and training services to businesses, organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Finding a local, highly-skilled and experienced Microsoft Developer in Canada can be challenging. Fortunately, Excel & Access has teams of talented senior developers located across the country to help you. We also offer cost-effective remote training for more isolated businesses. If you need expert Microsoft Application consulting, programming, training, or Power BI services, Excel & Access has the solutions you need.

We serve all of Canada, including:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan

We also have strong partner relationships with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) in Canada. We work locally, remotely, and on-site with businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies across the country, so whether your building is located in downtown Toronto or Whitehorse, Yukon, we can help you get the Microsoft Application training, programming, and services your business needs to improve quality and productivity.

Excel Experts in Canada

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most widely-used application in the Office suite. The team of talented Excel experts at Excel & Access provides Canadian organizations with the programming solutions and consulting services they need to thrive in the data-driven environment of modern business.

Microsoft Excel Programming

Learn and leverage Excel programming essentials, including:

  • Data Mining
  • Excel Automation
  • Database Integration
  • Multi-User Experiences
  • Spreadsheet Formatting
  • Accurate Financial Modeling
  • Custom Data Imports & Organization
  • Custom Templates, Graphs, and Charts

Excel Consulting

Excel consulting helps you to execute advanced Excel functions to track and streamline your business:

  • Summarize, Track, and Manage Data
  • Filter and Sort Data to Recognize Trends
  • Visualize Your Key Performance Indicators
  • Create Executive-Level Dashboard Reports

Microsoft Excel One-On-One or Group Training

Expert training in Excel enables your organization to utilize Microsoft’s powerful spreadsheet software to its fullest extent. Our Canadian-based instructors can help your team learn and understand Excel’s most beneficial features, so you can implement them into your business processes, saving time and energy while improving quality output. We can also help to simplify any confusing or complicated Excel functions you may have trouble using. In the end, we hope to provide your employees with a user experience that makes Excel easier, more productive, and more enjoyable to use overall.

Microsoft Access Experts in Canada

With the guidance of one of our skilled Microsoft Access experts throughout Canada, your team can take full advantage of the most comprehensive applications in the Microsoft Office suite of products.

Elevate your business data with Microsoft Access:

  • SQL Data Storage
  • Database Templates
  • Custom Database Applications
  • Automation of Business Processes
  • Creating Applications Without Developer Expertise
  • Integration with Business-Driving Applications and Data Sources

Access Programming

The Access Programming professionals at Excel & Access can integrate Microsoft Access with your business, to help you achieve a wide range of organizational goals. Our Microsoft Access programming services include:

  • Web Solutions
  • System Issues
  • Intranet Solutions
  • Desktop Solutions
  • System Build-Outs
  • Database Management
  • VBA Programming Code
  • Quick and Cost-Effective Business Applications

Access Consulting

Our Microsoft Access consulting services allow your team to use the most advanced and customizable Microsoft Access features to date, including:

  • Data Management
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Creation of Customized Applications
  • Integration of Data, from Other Applications
  • Advanced VBA (Visual Basics for Applications)

Access Training

Professional training in Microsoft Access can help to turn your desktop databases into mobile, shareable cloud-based applications that help your business operate more efficiently. Our team of expert Microsoft Access trainers help train Canadian organizations remotely and on-site, helping them learn to build applications from the ground up. They also help our clients develop applications from a range of professionally-designed templates.

Utilize the full range of Microsoft Access features:

  • Query
  • Reports
  • Data Input
  • VBA Automation
  • Database Integration
  • Customizable Applications

Power BI Experts in Canada

In the modern age of “Big Data,” it’s more important than ever to have access to detailed, real-time data to help you make informed, calculated business decisions. Power BI is the Microsoft application that lets you visualize and analyze all your business data in one place to gain meaningful insight into your key business processes. This cloud-based suite of data visualization tools gives your team the ability to effectively summarize, analyze, and assimilate data with visual representations of your key performance metrics.

Our seasoned team of Power BI experts helps businesses and organizations throughout Canada learn and apply this software to maximize and achieve their potential.

Power BI Programming

The Power BI programming specialists at Excel & Access can help your business, educational institution, or government agency unlock the beneficial features of Power BI. Our programming team takes the time to learn about your business so that we can provide impactful solutions that fit the needs of your specific operation.

Our Power BI programmers can assist with:

  • Big Data Solutions
  • Complex Reporting
  • Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Visual Components of VBA

Power BI Consulting

The Power BI consulting services we offer can help you understand and utilize the full range of features of the Power BI program, providing added guidance on the implementation, integration, and setup optimization of the program.

Our Power BI consultants will teach you how to:

  • Provide Secure Data Insights
  • Organize Important Business Data
  • Utilize Integrations from Hundreds of Data Sources

Power BI Training

Power BI trainers provide simple and easy-to-use datasets and teaches your team how to create advanced data visualizations that are easy-to-understand and easily-transferable across departments.

Our Power BI training can deliver solutions for your organization’s most complex data challenges, covering:

  • Queries
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Source Integration
  • Data Analysis Expression
  • Custom Dashboard Creation
  • Business Intelligence Basics
  • Understanding Business Insights
  • Working with and Creating Reports
  • Using Excel and Power BI Together
  • Creating and Formatting Custom Visualizations

Microsoft Excel and Access Trainers in Canada

Whether your organization is in Ontario or British Columbia, Alberta or Manitoba, if it needs expert consultation, programming, and training services for Microsoft Excel, Access, or any other Microsoft Office application, call us at 877-392-3539 today!

We approached Chris and his team at Excel and Access to help optimize our processes in Excel and reporting in MS Word. What they provided was above and beyond our expectations, and at a reasonable cost.  If you’re performing work in the MS Office Suite manually, chances are they can automate it.  – Twenty Twenty Analytics

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Our Canadian market is expanding every year, and we are proud of the clients we have served over the years.  As Canada is our partner to the North, we also have the ability to work with clients on site on a cost effective basis.  Team members needed for on site client work are available to accommodate time sensitive needs and priority objectives on behalf of our clients in each of our various markets.

We work with clients from Montreal to Toronto to Quebec on an on going basis, and we will continue to expand our presence providing local experts throughout Canada for years to come.  Our team of career professionals, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) certified team members, Microsoft Certified Partners and Microsoft Authors is solely focused on always providing best in class solutions for our clients.