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Excel & Access has been a leading provider of principal Microsoft program solutions since 1994, working with business organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions to improve operating competencies for entire organizations, from the ground floor, to management, to the C-suite. If your team utilizes Microsoft Office’s business suite, there’s never been a better time to bring hands-on expertise and training to your business. We will partner with your team to provide the best Excel, Access, and Power BI training available in the country, and with locations all around the world, our remote training services go where you go. To request the professional services of our Excel, Access, and Power BI experts in Manhattan, NY, contact us today.

Awesome work! We needed a high level spreadsheet that could dive into figures and breakdown costs for presentations. The spreadsheet was like a sports car that drives with ease and efficiency. We are very pleased with the results. Thank you!
brandon alaniz
brandon alaniz
20:05 09 Aug 18
Jacob and Christopher were total professionals that made the process easy. They were able to understand what I needed immediately with a minimum of back of forth. I plan on using Excel and Access again when I need help creating complex Excel documents.
Steven Stankovich
Steven Stankovich
19:25 14 Aug 18
I hired Excel and Access, LLC to automate a complex function in an Excel spreadsheet. To my surprise, they completed the difficult task within a few hours, and charged me significantly less than their initial price quote. While other companies took a whole day to respond to my e-mail, E&A responded within a few minutes and got the job done the very same day. I really appreciate the company’s high level of professionalism, integrity, and willingness to go above and beyond for their customers.
Kenneth Franco
Kenneth Franco
20:22 20 May 18
My excel professional, Jacob, did a phenomenal job for me - again. The tool on which he worked was very well received by my senior management which means that Jacob’s efforts made me look good in front of my boss. Furthermore, the tool we designed supports the effective management of more than 20+ personnel working on as many as 100 projects at any given time. It is a critical piece of our management effort. Jacob finished the project ahead of schedule and was very responsive throughout. This is our second effort together and the company has performed superbly. I couldn’t have asked for better results or service.
Michael Merino
Michael Merino
06:09 31 Jan 18
Over the past couple years I've brought several projects to Christopher and Jacob of Excel and Access. Often I was unsure if my projects were even possible in Excel. However, every time Jacob delivered exactly what I wanted and within a very quick time-frame to boot. I've been amazed by the strategies and coding he's implemented to solve my projects. Christopher and Jacob have been a pleasure to work with on all fronts. They make sure I'm happy with the work and ask if any fine tuning is needed. They're quick to respond to emails and do so in the evenings as well. I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone needing projects in Excel done. 10 out of 10.
Nick Frame
Nick Frame
00:54 13 Jan 18
Paul was very professional. He did his work extremely quickly and he asked the right questions when we were stuck. Will definitely be working w them again.
Jacob Visoky
Jacob Visoky
18:41 08 May 19
I've been working with Christopher and Jacob since 2010 and I can't say enough good things about them and about the company. They are simply voracious gentle giants of their industry and market. I recommend them to all who need Excel pro help and always without hesitation. If you are seeking Excel or Access help THIS IS THE GO TO COMPANY. Fast, Professional, Knowledgeable and Priced fairly. I see this as better than a Trifecta, they are a Quadfecta!
gerry zelaya
gerry zelaya
18:28 13 Dec 19
We used Excel & Access to automate and design a payment reporting system for our vacation rental business. Super efficient, upfront pricing and fantastic work. We will be starting our next job right away!!
Brampton Park
Brampton Park
23:52 30 Jan 20
E&A are quick and efficient, patiently navigating changing objectives and criteria to deliver quality products to their clients.
Anna Bryant
Anna Bryant
16:49 04 Feb 20
The Excel and Access training program has been the most rewarding investment I've ever made into my professional development. First off, the experience of inquiring alone was timely, professional, pointed, and tailored. I came to Excel and Access after searching tirelessly to figure out a specific formula for capturing data. A process that I've been managing at work for 2-Years was dependent on the matter. However, with mostly self-taught excel experience, I managed a process that took hours and hours at the beginning of every month. After having consulted with every excel known guru, I know at work and in my personal life, no one has the answer, including other excel help services that I had tried. The Team at Excel Access advised of their structure, answered all my questions, and provided the assurance I needed to give it a try.Further, my schedule was tight, and this tedious process that I once manually reviewed for hours felt daunting that month. Therefore, to accommodate my concern, they booked me for an hour session with one of their experts. Within 20-min I had a formula that I've changed the game.The Team at Excel and Access brings customer service to a new level. Their responsiveness, accommodations, timely support, and most of all, trainers' knowledge is next to none. The tools that I'm gaining from their help are not only going to enhance my professional development, but they will make the power of Microsoft Excel that much more efficient. Customer Service is always appreciated; top that off with execution from an Excel MVP, you'll bring new meaning to 'money well spent and time saved.
Ben Meth
Ben Meth
23:22 12 Apr 21
Just a small note to thank you Excel Access team esp. Jacob and your team Chris and Maria for your dedication to the excel project you did for us. Jacob your exceptional set of skills to make this project come to fruition is exceptional.Thanks to your efforts, we had the quickest project turnaround just because of you. We will be back with another project.Again, I would like to express how happy I am with the good work you did.
Julius Kiragu
Julius Kiragu
22:45 21 Feb 21
I used Excel and Access, LLC for the first time and could not be more pleased. This was actually the first time I reached out to a service to assist with an excel problem that I could not resolve on my own. Now that I've worked with Christopher and his team I'll never again waste my time trying to go it alone. My fee was very reasonable and the response time excellent. Christopher and Excel and Access, LLC is a resource I'll be using in the future.
Steven Catapano
Steven Catapano
20:18 22 Mar 21
Working with Excell & Access, LLC was great! Christopher and Maria were very responsive to my needs and Jacob is truly an Excel Expert!! If you want your Excel files to function at a higher level than they currently do, I would highly recommend Excell & Access.
18:23 10 Feb 21
I received the business trifecta from Excel and Access: high-quality, fast, and inexpensive. The team there carried out a very complex project in less than 24 hours. I couldn't be happier with the service.
Jacob Prager
Jacob Prager
04:52 14 Oct 20
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Excel Experts in Manhattan, NY

Excel is the most popular and widely-used program in the Microsoft Office suite around the world. Our team of Excel experts in Manhattan, NY provide New York organizations with the Microsoft program solutions they require in order to thrive in the data-driven environment of today’s business world.

Excel Training

Excel training provides organizations with the practical and conceptual knowledge to utilize the most powerful features of Microsoft’s hallmark spreadsheet software. Our Excel experts in Manhattan, NY ensure your team’s competencies in Excel’s essential features before moving onto the more complex of Excel’s functions.

Our Excel trainers help your team overcome any and all Excel challenges, including:

  • Macros
  • Visual Basic
  • SUMIF function
  • Pivot tables
  • Automations

Excel Programming

Our Excel programming experts help your team with:

  • Database integration
  • Spreadsheet formatting
  • Excel automation
  • Custom data organization and imports
  • Data mining
  • Accurate financial modeling
  • Multi-user experiences
  • Custom graphs, charts, and templates

Excel Consulting

Our Excel consultations improve your team’s core functional competencies, including their ability to:

  • Visualize key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Summarize, track, and manage data
  • Filter and sort data to see trends
  • Perform executive-level dashboard reporting

Access Experts in Manhattan, NY

With the help of our Microsoft Access experts in Manhattan, NY, your team can learn the Access functions most critical to the success of your business.

Take advantage of this powerful and versatile tool to elevate your business data with:

  • Application creation without developer expertise
  • Custom database applications
  • SQL data storage
  • Automation of business processes
  • Integration of data from business-driving applications and data sources
  • Database templates

Access Training

Our Microsoft Access training helps your team transform desktop databases into shareable, remote, cloud-based applications to help you meet every business objective. Our Microsoft Access experts in Manhattan, NY teach your team how to build applications from the ground up or to develop an application from a number of professionally designed templates.

Trainees learn to execute critical Access functions, including:

  • Database integration
  • Customizable applications
  • VBA automation
  • Query
  • Reports
  • Data input

Access Consulting

Our Microsoft Access consulting services allow your team to tap into the most advanced and customizable features introduced in Access to date:

  • Advanced VBA (Visual Basics for Applications) solutions
  • Creation of customized applications
  • Data storage solutions
  • Data management
  • Integration of data from other application

Access Programming

Our Microsoft Access programming experts help your team to integrate Access with the aspects of your business that most benefit from it.

The Microsoft Access programming specialists can help your organization to achieve a wide range of goals:

  • Database management
  • VBA programming code
  • Desktop solutions
  • Web solutions
  • System issues
  • Intranet solutions
  • System build-outs
  • Creation of quick and cost-effective business applications

Power BI Experts in Manhattan, NY

In the age of “Big Data,” it is critical to maintain real-time, actionable information streams that provide meaningful insight into key business metrics and processes. Power BI, a cloud-based analytics visualization program from Microsoft, allows your team to analyze, summarize, and assimilate data with visual representations of your business’s key performance measures. Our Power BI experts in Manhattan, NY can streamline the complexities of utilizing this powerful software.

Power BI Training

Our Power BI training helps your team to generate easy-to-use and easy-to-understand datasets. A Power BI expert can teach your team to create data visualizations that are straightforward and easily transferable across business departments, making their versatility an asset to your organization’s cohesive business goals.

Power BI provides solutions for your most complex data challenges. Our training covers:

  • Data modeling
  • Data source integration
  • Data analysis expression
  • Business intelligence basics
  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Working with and creating reports
  • Queries
  • Using Excel and Power BI together
  • Understanding business insights
  • Creating and formatting custom visualizations

Power BI Programming

Power BI programming experts can help you tap into the most beneficial aspects of Power BI. Our programming trainers learn your business, in and out, to provide personalized, impactful solutions, tailored for your operation.

Power BI programming specialists can assist your team with:

  • Application development
  • Complex reporting
  • Workflow automation
  • The visual components of using VBA
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Big data solutions

Power BI Consulting

Excel & Access Power BI consultants help your team navigate the essential features of the application while providing key insight on integration, implementation, and setup optimization, most relevant to your business.

Power BI consulting services help your team to:

  • Provide secure data insights
  • Organize important business data
  • Utilize integrations from hundreds of data sources

Excel and Access Experts in Manhattan, NY

If your organization in Manhattan, NY is in need of expert training, programming, and consultation services for Microsoft Excel, Access, or Power BI, call 877-392-3539 to contact our team today!