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Microsoft Consulting Services for Government

At Excel & Access, we provide Excel consulting for government organizations that use the Microsoft Office suite of productivity, measuring, forecasting, and reporting products, including Excel, Access, and Power BI. If your government organization utilizes this software, you have the opportunity to increase operational competencies and efficiencies in almost all departments with our Excel, Access, and Power BI consulting for government services.

Our Excel consulting for government services can teach your employees advanced spreadsheet functions to best support your data analytics. Our Access consulting for government services introduces the Access platform as a framework for database organization. As the functions become more complex, their utility becomes more versatile, allowing you to customize the program to meet the needs of your organization. Our Power BI consulting for government services shows just how powerful and insightful data can be when represented visually, allowing your team to see critical data metrics with a visually simplified perspective, opening up the opportunity for your team to view data in new and inspiring ways.


New York Police Department – Christopher! Everything is working great!! I really appreciate your help that night (that was a long, rough night!) I have your number handy in case we ever need you! You’re a huge asset! 




Microsoft Excel Consulting for Government

The most widely used application in the Microsoft Office product suite throughout the world, Excel is the gold standard for spreadsheet programs. Our government Excel experts provide the information and teaching methods required to optimize your employees’ competencies with the software.

Our government Excel experts help your team execute advanced functions to:

  • Visualize key performance measures
  • Create executive-level dashboard reporting
  • Summarize, track, and manage data
  • Filter and sort data to see trends
  • Plan and keep budgets
  • Model financials


Social Security Administration – I want to thank you and David for providing me with such a great training experience. I was quite impressed with your quick response to accommodate the Advanced Excel VBA Programming (Part I) training in such a short notice. It was a pleasure to work with my instructor David; he explained concepts and solutions to problems in detail and made sure I understood them before moving on to new topics.

The training conducted via computer screen sharing made my training experience quite comfortable. David opened my eyes to a much leaner and faster way of coding. I was very impressed by his vast VBA knowledge. He provided excellent alternatives to tackle the many issues presented. His “computer side” manners made me comfortable to ask my many questions during different topics. I look forward to using your services in the future in order to advance my VBA knowledge, and I sure hope to get David as an instructor again.

I will refer your training services to co-workers and other components for all their VBA needs. 5-Stars! 




How Can a Specialized Government Excel Consultant Help Me?

Our Excel consultants for government organizations can make sure your team gets the most out of your Excel software.

Basic Excel functions are not exceptionally difficult to learn, but the more complex the task, the more of a time drain it becomes to master. Our Excel government consultants can provide the information necessary to optimize your training program to meet the needs of your organization.

While guides and user manuals are helpful, our Excel government consultants take it upon themselves to teach your team to work smarter, instead of harder, while increasing productivity and improving accuracies in data analytics, reporting, and forecasting.

Our specialized government Excel consultants can tailor their consultations to meet the needs of your organization, ensuring your team’s competencies with the Excel software.

The benefits of Excel consultants for government organizations include:

  • Database solutions
  • Scenario analysis
  • Custom formatting
  • Education in navigating Excel automations
  • Customized training for your business needs
  • Encourages more intuitive and team-friendly uses


Microsoft Access Consulting for Government

With the assistance of our Microsoft Access consultants for government, we provide your organization with the training and support they need to optimize their usage of Access and ensure they are taking advantage of all functions most relevant to their position and your overall operation.

Microsoft Access improves core data interaction potential with:

  • The creation of applications without developer expertise
  • Automation of crucial business processes
  • Database templates
  • SQL data storage
  • Custom database applications
  • Integration of data from business driving sources and applications


How Can a Specialized Government Access Consultant Help Me?

Our government Access consultants help your team tap into the most advanced and customizable features of the Access platform:

  • Create customized applications
  • Integrate data from other applications
  • Data management
  • Advanced VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) solutions
  • Data storage solutions

Our specialized Microsoft Access government consultants help your employees to focus on their normal job tasks, as opposed to taking up valuable time to learn Access’s more complex, yet more impactful features.

While tapping into basic Microsoft Access features may not warrant any formal training, a Microsoft Access government consultant encourages group training and organization throughout the entire team. A specialized government Access consultant teaches your team optimized processes to utilize when working from point A to B within Access.

Learning objectives of Access consulting for government organization include:

  • Implementation of a framework for database organization
  • Integration of apps
  • Simplification and streamlining of Access processes
  • Using Access with other Microsoft Office applications
  • Tapping into enterprise applications



Microsoft Power BI Consulting for Government

In the “Big Data” era we live in, it’s critical to maintain real-time, actionable information streams that provide meaningful insight into crucial business processes and key performance indicators. Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud-based suite of visualization and analytical tools helps your team to analyze, assimilate, and summarize all types of data by way of visual representations. Our specialized government Power BI consultants streamline complex learning objectives, so your team can get back to their normal tasks, armed with the very best Power BI training and consulting available.

Our government Power BI consultants help your team learn to navigate and utilize the essential features of Power BI while providing unique and guidance on integration, implementation, and setup optimization.

Our government Power BI consultants teach your team how to:

  • Provide secure and reliable data insights
  • Utilize integrations from hundreds of data sources
  • Organize critical business data


How Can a Microsoft Power BI Consultant Help Me?

Power BI consulting for government entities provides a wide range of operational solutions. By choosing to pursue our consultation services, you can elevate your data across a variety of verticals.

Our Power BI consultation services offer effective learning opportunities for a variety of industries, including organizational governments. Most relevant, our consulting services help you find the data analytics solutions best suited for both your company’s most immediate and long-term needs. There is a great convenience in having easily accessible applications as productivity potential grows when embedding the analytics.


Smarter Microsoft Solutions for Microsoft Office Products

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