Microsoft Database Training Services – in all 4 Microsoft Databases


Microsoft has four relational databases, we provide Training, Programming and Development Services in all four, always at the expert level.




Client Testimonial – One-on-one Microsoft Database Training ( SQL Server, Access, w/ VBA ):

As an independent consultant transitioning from a corporate environment, I was thrilled to find Christopher and Excel & Access, LLC to assist me with Access & VBA training and complex SQL development requirements.

Christopher responds immediately to inquiries, follows up to get feedback the same day and was able to set me up with a weekend session when I was in ‘crunch-mode’.

He and his staff operate with the utmost professionalism, are able to quickly understand the issue at hand and suggest robust, practical solutions.

It is reassuring to know Christopher is only an email away when a stressful issue presents itself. I highly recommend Christopher and his contractors at Excel & Access and I look forward to working with them on a regular basis in the future.

Robert Half Management Resources
Training in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, with VBA,
– ( Two Microsoft Databases integrated and automated into one seamless solution ).



The four Microsoft relational databases ( Access, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI ) are designed to be fully integrated and automated into one seamless Microsoft database solution, including the use of Microsoft Excel.   Each MS database has a particular use and set of strengths, hence the need to use two to four of them in one seamless solution, an “Integrated Microsoft Database Solution”.  This is our Microsoft database training sweet spot!

♦  Microsoft Azure for example is the Cloud Based database component by Microsoft. Add the Azure SQL Database component to an existing Microsoft Access and/or SQL Server database, to add web accessibility.

♦  Another example, add a Microsoft SQL Server backend database to an existing Microsoft Access front-end database, for more powerful data manipulation, and for the largest datasets. SQL Server really allows the data visualization experts to tell the story behind the largest datasets.

♦  Example, upgrading to the most modern computer systems and to the most powerful Microsoft relational database ever developed, to get the most out of your data, enter Microsoft Power BI.  And yes, you can integrate and automate Power BI with the other three Microsoft databases as well as with all of Microsoft Office, Mac included.  Microsoft Power BI allows you to develop your own relational database, across Microsoft applications. WOW!!!

♦  Microsoft Excel LOVES to integrate / automate all four of these amazingly powerful Microsoft databases into one seamless Microsoft Database Solution. Make Excel your frontend, Forms driven interface, for a true point-n-click user interface.


Microsoft’s Four Relational Database Applications – we provide training in all four, at the expert level:

1. Access
2. SQL Server
3. Azure
4. Power BI


To be a Microsoft Database EXPERT, you must be an expert in ALL FOUR Microsoft Relational Databases ( ALL )





Our Microsoft Database Training, by Application:


What is Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is the most advanced and most robust relational database developed by Microsoft. It is so advanced that most IT departments that use Microsoft SQL Server employ one or more inhouse SQL Server Database Administrators (DBA) to manage the database.

Why do all of that? Because SQL Server is also the most secure Microsoft database, with many advanced tools to secure the data and the database. SQL Server integrates and automates with all four Microsoft databases, plus Excel and MS Office. If you have important data you will want to secure it with SQL Server and you will want to have routine backups and rollbacks in place.




Companies can easily spend over $100,000 a year to just have SQL Server. It is not cheap, but neither are the competing databases such as Oracle. Given the significant cost, it is wise to invest in training so your staff can maximize the benefits. When applications are so robust, we often recommend training in said applications, to allow your firm and your staff to get the most out of your Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Businesses can use SQL Server as the backend for all of your Microsoft Access databases. Invest in SQL Server training and save thousands in employee productivity as a direct result.

  • Application upgrades
  • Debugging
  • Adding new features
  • Expanding on the database.
  • Integrating SQL Server with Excel, Office, Access and Azure.
  • Select Queries and Action queries in Access versus Views and Stored Procedures in SQL Server.


What is SQL Server Training?

SQL Server training usually involves being taught how to work with the SQL Server application’s interface as well as training that would teach one how to program in SQL Server, using T-SQL as the primary programming language .

Common training sessions include lessons on how to write views, store procedures, triggers, scheduling, etc. They also typically cover exporting and importing with SQL Server.

Training sessions come in a variety of formats including both group sessions and one-on-one SQL Server training.

Does your team need to learn how to set up an Access front-end to a SQL Server backend?

Need to set up a database connection to one of your SQL Server database instances?

Need to click buttons on an Access form that will pull data from SQL Server, into your database, and then export that subset of data to Excel?

We can teach you that and more, with a focus on teaching you exactly what you need.


How Can SQL Server Training Help Me?

As with all training, our one-on-one SQL Server training will allow you to quickly get up to speed with SQL Server on the aspects that impact your job the most. For example, you do not need to spend six months learning everything about SQL Server when all you need to do is to learn how to write Views and Stored Procedures.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it, and with SQL Server that has never been more true. There is so much you CAN learn, but what you NEED to learn is often significantly less.

Popular SQL Server training topics include:

  • Setting backups
  • Performing updates
  • Writing Views and Stored procedures.
  • Sharing data
  • Writing pass thru queries in Access
  • Importing/Exporting data
  • Allow you to get much more work done in much less time.



What is Microsoft Power BI Training?

Microsoft Power BI training covers all of the bases. Power BI training will give you a clear introduction to the Power BI tool, helping you or your team to more efficiently explore how this tool can benefit your business.

No matter your skill level Power BI training can be customized to meet your needs. Perhaps you have already tapped into Power BI and need more efficient uses. Total beginner? No problem. By hiring a Power BI trainer, a ground up approach will help you to first, understand the basics of Power BI, then, build your skillset to properly integrate data as your business transforms.

Power BI training will help you to establish and understand the connections between your most valuable software, and datasets. By properly integrating your most commonly used tools you can take your data to the next level.




Custom dashboards and interactive reports allow for consistent analysis, and application improvements using your business intelligence.

Power BI takes data out of the hands of IT and gives relevant business intelligence to decision makers. By giving business intelligence to decision makers companies become more adept to the ever changing business environment.

Your Power BI trainer will take a look at your current data set helping you to decrease risks, increase rewards, and explore insights to help decision makers make more informed business decisions.

This self-service business intelligence tool has the power to transform the way you do business.


How Can a Power BI Training Help Me?

Raw data is not the most efficient data type, but through Power BI training you will transform data into actionable, shareable reports and dashboards. These reports and dashboards provide insight important to decision making.

No matter if you are a project manager or CEO, business intelligence is important. Utilizing a Power BI trainer can help you to understand this most efficient data visualization tool.

Power BI training generates easy-to-use and easy-to-understand datasets. A Power BI trainer can help you to create data visualizations that are easily used throughout the company and across departments.

Power BI is focused on actionable intelligence, and provides the most intuitive tools for transforming data into actionable items.

External data sources can seemingly throw a wrench in data reporting and insights, but a Power BI trainer can help you learn to start to efficiently incorporate and streamline data from multiple sources.


Power BI Training Scope

Power BI training covers all of the bases. There is no problem we can’t help you solve. We can help you find solutions to your most simple and most complex challenges:

  • Business intelligence basics
  • Data source integration
  • Using Excel and Power BI together
  • Working with and creating reports
  • Understanding business insights
  • Creating and formatting custom visualizations
  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Queries
  • Data modeling
  • Data analysis expression

Power BI training can help you find data solutions to resolve any data challenges you might be facing.

Power BI training can take your raw data and turn it into vital business insights, playing an ample role in informed decision making. We want to help you reach your goals by increasing the usability of your data.




What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is the desktop database by Microsoft. While small in size, Microsoft Access is incredibly powerful, super easy to use, and that Access Forms GUI, well that does the trick, and hence, Microsoft Access is the most used Microsoft database in a business setting.

No IT Department needed: A relational database, one of four created by Microsoft, managed by your staff, not IT.


Microsoft Access is the Microsoft database of choice for accounting and finance departments across America; it is on their computers, they use it daily, they managed it themselves, no IT needed. We teach them how to program in it, how to code it, and how to use it.


What is Microsoft Access Training?

As the name implies, Microsoft Access training means you will be trained in Microsoft Access. Pretty simple and straight forward. Our Access training comes in three flavors, Access User Training, Access Programmer Training, and Access VBA Training, depending on your needs, you may be trained in one, two or all three of those categories. Each is different and has a different need in mind.

  • Access Programmer Training – How to develop in Microsoft Access, includes VBA and T-SQL code training.
  • Access User Training – Includes Access Navigation, use of Access Forms, etc.
  • Access VBA/T-SQL Training – All about the code, includes both VBA & T-SQL code training.


How Can a Microsoft Access Training Help Me?

  • It will make you better in Access.
  • It will allows you to do more work in less time, with fewer errors.
  • It will allow you to automate much of your work, so you can focus on decision making.
  • It will allow you to integrate your Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and your SQL Server and Azure files.
  • It will improve your query design skills.
  • It will allow you to create more advanced reporting and analysis.
  • It will allow you to develop the classic Access Forms interface for point-n-click automation.
  • It will allow you to send and receive data between any and all of the Microsoft applications, plus hundreds of others.
  • It will allow you to work fewer hours, get more done, reduce your stress, and to have more work life balance.


Access Training Testimonial:

Stan was great!  We enjoyed the workshop format and thought that it was an efficient and effective way to get a small group to participate and get the most out of the training.

Drew Chmil, CPA, Florida Peninsula, Assistant Controller



Example Scope Topics for Microsoft Access Training

  • Writing Action Queries ( Update, Insert, Delete, Append, etc. )
  • Writing Views ( Select Queries, Cross Tab Queries, Union Queries, Passthrough Queries, etc. )
  • Creating an Access Report
  • Creating Access Forms
  • Creating Access Relationships
  • Creating Access Tables, including Normalization and data types
  • Writing T-SQL
  • Writing Access based VBA
  • Creating Charts and Graphs
  • Integrating with Microsoft Office
  • Sending Emails from Access, using Outlook, with Excel charts, based on a Word template
  • Importing and Exporting data
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrading Access
  • Integrating with Microsoft SQL Server backend
  • Integrating with Microsoft Azure SQL Cloud database
  • Integrating with Microsoft Excel
  • Integrating with Microsoft Power BI


How can we help you with your Microsoft Access Training Needs:

If you want to get better in Access, say you want to up your Access programming skills, so you can create advanced Access forms, with an easy to use graphical user interface, so that your staff may use your Access database as Access users, that use the mouse and the Access forms, to point and click, to run the application.

If you want to be able to do that, then we recommend that you take our Access Programmer and our Access VBA training programs. You will need to be at least intermediate in Access VBA programming to successfully create advanced Access forms.

We can then train your staff on how to be an Access User, and how they will navigate Access, use the Access forms, etc. No matter your need in Access, we have the training experts to make sure you learn exactly what you need to learn, painlessly, and quickly. One-on-one, by the hour, or group training available.




What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud based database application by Microsoft.  It is one of four Microsoft relational databases.  It was designed to add web functionality to the other three Microsoft databases, as well as to be integrated with Microsoft Excel.


The Azure cloud platform is more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life—to solve today’s challenges and create the future. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice, says Microsoft.



What is Microsoft Azure Training?

In our Microsoft Azure SQL Database Training we will teach you how to program in the Microsoft Azure SQL Cloud Based Database. We will teach you exactly how to integrate and to automate with the other Microsoft database as well as MS Office programs as Azure is usually an add-on component to the other three Microsoft Relational Databases, and less often use as a stand-alone application.





How Can a Microsoft Azure Training Help Me?

It can help you to get more out of your Microsoft Databases by adding the Cloud Component.  Web accessibility to your Microsoft databases. If you are using Microsoft Excel, Access, or SQL Server, or a combination of all three, and if you need a web access component, then a Microsoft Azure SQL Database is the way to go.


Microsoft Azure Training Scope

Varies based on what other Microsoft databases you are working in, and if you plan to integrate and automate with Microsoft Excel, or the other MS Office applications.  We can also teach you to use Azure as a stand-alone application, though that is very uncommon. For most, a Microsoft Azure SQL database is used mostly for its web accessibility, and its integrational features with the other Microsoft applications. In that regard, Azure is a powerful relational database with many uses.

Azure is an important part of a fully automated and integrated Microsoft Database Solution, one that includes Access, SQL Server, and Power BI, plus Excel and Excel based VBA for automation.  Get a Smarter Microsoft Database Solution.





If your organization works in one or more of the four Microsoft databases, and if you need to take your database development and  coding skills to the next level, we suggest you call us today, to discuss our one-on-one Microsoft database training programs to see which is right for you and your needs.