Mentoring Dynamic Excel 365 Development

Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development is one of the advanced services our company offers.  Here we take an intermediate or advanced Excel programmer, and we take them up to the expert level.  What you learn here will put you above others who program Excel.


Learning Advanced Excel Programming is Easy if you have a Mentor

Do you want to improve how you program Microsoft Excel?  Do you want to work one-on-one, an hour or so here, an hour or so there, working towards improving your Excel programming skills?  Do you want to learn the new, Dynamic Excel, the one based on Office 365, Power Query, Dynamic Array Functions, Pivots, and VBA?

If so, if you want to learn how to properly program custom Microsoft Excel solutions for your business, this might be for you.  The easiest way to find out, try us for two hours and see how much you learn.

Note:  This is not training, here, you do the heavy lifting, offline, in self-determined after-sessions.  Here we show you what you need to know, and more importantly, why you need to learn to do it this way.  We explain it and demo it fully, ask all the questions you have, and try it on the call if you want.  Then offline, dig in further.  Build a model, learn it, know it, own it.

In our one-on-one, remote mentoring sessions, we take you by hand ( remotely ), and we take you where you need to go, into Dynamic Excel Development; and Optimized Excel Solutions.


=XLOOKUP (InputCell, LookupRange, ResultRange) #


 Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Post: Image of one-on-one Excel Mentoring banner

You, the Excel exert, and a few Excel files.  One-on-one is the way to learn: This is mentoring at its best. There is literally no better way to learn Excel advanced programming.


Mentoring Dynamic Excel Developers – This is where the Real Learning Happens



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Learn how to Program Microsoft Excel the Right Way, with an Excel Mentor:

A mentor can teach you exactly what you need, and nothing more, in very short time.  The advantage is that we know what works best, and we know what you do not need to know, hence, you only learn the most powerful, most useful ways to program Microsoft Excel.

Result:  Save Time, Save Money, learn in a matter of hours all that you need to learn.

Question:  There are multiple ways to do most things in Excel, which are newer, which are easier, and which are right for your Excel file?  Let us help you to decide.


 Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Post: Image of the # used in a dynamic array function.

This is the future of Microsoft Excel programming, the use of the #.

Examples: Vlookup, Index/XMatch,  XLookup or Filter/Filter, etc.  Concatenate, Concat, or TextJoin.  Which should you use?


Answer:  Depends, do you want to base your work on the new Dynamic Excel, ( post-2018 Calculation Engine Update ), or older Excel ( EBDAF = Excel Before Dynamic Array Functions )?   Big difference ( Tesla versus 1963 Bug ).

Excel After DAFs = Dynamic Excel

Problem/Challenge:  Once you learn a function to achieve what you want in Excel, you often stop looking, you stop learning, and you may possibly miss a better tool for the task.  New tolls are coming out all the time now.  What you don’t know can cost you time.

Our Goal:  To teach you what works best for what you need to have done.  What tools to use.  What is the “Optimal Solution“.  That you yourself can build.

Note:  We tell you how to build it, we show you how to use the tools, then you build it, yes, you, not us, do the Excel programming.

This is not Excel training; this is one-on-one mentoring in dynamic Excel.  This is the sweet spot.  Give us a few hours, and we will take you to the next level, and then some.


Everything has changed, expert Excel consultants and trainers have changed how they program Excel.  Enter Spill Arrays.

From Microsoft Website.


Experts Note:  Please Pay Attention: Programming in Microsoft Excel has never been easier; anyone can do it.  But you do need to keep up with the changes.  You will need to practice.



Hire our Team of Excel Mentors

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What is Excel 365 Mentoring?

Excel Mentoring it is the Best Way to Learn to Program Microsoft Excel

Excel mentoring is partially like Excel training, but it is not exactly Excel training, mentoring beyond that. In mentoring we dig in deep to a few advanced topics and concepts, the ones you should be using when you program your excel files.  We ignore the rest.

You as the student are expected to take the time to learn.  This is not passive Excel training; this is one-on-one Excel mentoring.   This is the time for you to be an Excel Sponge.


Image of 5-Star Google Review on our training and mentoring services.

When it comes to mentoring or training, the knowledge of the person doing the training is the most important ingredient. Why not hire an Excel MVP from 1993? Bob is the Microsoft Excel subject matter expert.



What is Dynamic Excel?

A. Dynamic Excel is available in Excel 365.  It is up to you if you take advantage of it or not, it is there, regardless.  How hard do you want to work?

B. Dynamic Excel 365 is range-based programming; not cell-based programming.  Results “Spill” into the appropriate cells.  Your formulas go in the first cell, row, or column, that is it.  And that changes everything.

This is why you have to think and program differently in dynamic Excel 365.

C. Programming Dynamic Excel is different, too much to explain here, but there is Excel before dynamic array functions, or after.  To make a long story short, if you use Excel 365, and if you leverage the latest, dynamic features and programming methods, you are using the new Excel.  Excel post 2018.

See our post on the Changes to Dynamic Excel.


Using the Spill Cell Approach #


This is a game changer, learn to use this in formulas and in Validation Controls. As seen on the Microsoft Website.



 Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Post: of # being used in a Validation Control

If you use the #, your formulas will grow and shrink, with the data. No need to select the entire range; just select the first cell, the Spill Cell.


For Range-Based Excel Programming use the #

Our top Excel consultants leverage the power of the # in Excel functions.  We will teach you what this is all about, why you should know it, and best of all, how to use it.

Hint: No need to copy down or across your formulas, just place them in one cell.

Tip:  You can use the # with both legacy as well as dynamic array functions.   Add the # to the VLookup for example.



 Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Post: Image of Excel Table & DAF and the #.

If you use the new, Dynamic Excel 365 programming methods, you will put your functions in just one cell, the top cell in the row. That is it. I color them blue, so you can see the cells with the dynamic array functions.




What Does Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Entail

Simple, it required you to dig in with us, to learn, dig in deep.

It is usually a remote, one-on-one session, via Zoom, where we speak with you, to determine what you already know, what you need to do at work, and thus, which of these tools will work best for your Excel programming needs.

We then discuss the concept, we display it, and you are able to practice, as desired.  Ask away.  You’re here to learn.  Dig in.

This is your time, we make sure you learn Excel programming methods


How Does Remote one-on-one Excel 365 Mentoring Work

It is by the hour, usually in 2-3 hour blocks, based on your needs.  We cover concepts, show demos, and answer all of your questions.  Most students take between 5-10 hours to get to the advanced level.

Our one-one-one Excel mentoring Servies include:

  1. Excel Tables w/ Slicers
  2. Excel Power Query, w/ Slicers
  3. Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers.
  4. Excel Dynamic Array Functions.
  5. Using the #.
  6. Plus, all of the traditional stuff like:
    1. Conditional Formatting.
    2. Legacy Functions.
      1. SumIfs, Match, VLookup
    3. Drop-Down Validation Controls.
    4. Automation is the key.
      1. Dynamic Excel 365 is the Solution.


Image of Excel Tables used as data entry forms.

Excel Tables are a powerful tool, make sure to base your Excel solution on them. Add Power query to take it up a few notches.



Who provides the Mentoring?

We have a team of expert Microsoft Excel consultants.  The best-of-the-best are our Team of Microsoft Excel MVPs.  Excel MVPs are certified by Microsoft; they are the Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.  We have the best talent, we can teach you all that you need to know.

Ask Bob a question about Excel, and you will get an answer, most likely the best possible answer. Bob’s license plate pretty much says it.


Image of Bob Umlas

When it comes to Microsoft Excel, and being an Excel MVP, Bob is the Excel MVP of the ages, going back to the first class of 93.





Examples of our Excel Mentoring Projects

Our most common mentoring students would be persons that are already programming Excel at the intermediate level, or higher.  They know the VLookup, they know Pivot Tables, and they are usually pretty good.  Our one-on-one mentoring takes them up a few notches.


It is time to relearn how to program Microsoft Excel.

Given the recent changes in Excel, Excel consultants are having to relearn how they program Excel.  There is lots to learn.  The quickest way to learn how to apply it, in real world scenarios, is to work with a mentor.

But with that said, we will mentor anyone, no matter their current skills set.  We have a lot of beginners reach out for our mentoring services, Beginner Training.  It is the quickest way to learn Microsoft Excel programming.


1. Stock Investor – Advanced Excel programmer

A stock trader reached out to get help with the Excel model he developed.  It was one of the most advanced models I have seen.  He had talent, serious talent.  But there were a few things about Macros and advanced dynamic array functions that he did not understand.  So he had thee 1-hour sessions with Bob, and Bob took him to the next level – expert.


 Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Post: Image of 5-Star Google Business Review on our Excel mentoring services.

You only need to find one Excel expert to work with, so why not work with the absolute best, why not work with the team at Excel and Access, LLC. Our Excel MVPs will take you to the next level.



2. Construction Firm – They want to build an easy to use and automated solution.

But they do not know how to do it.

We worked with two of their estimators that are also intermediate Excel programmers.  They have very solid skills, arounds the things they knew how to do, pre-2018.   They want to build a new, automated, easy to use estimating application inhouse, and they did not feel they knew all that they needed to, in order to build the solution.

So they sought an Excel mentor to teach them what they needed to learn, nothing more, to accomplish building their solution.

This solution would replace their current solution, and they wanted to make sure that they built their new model, on current design methods and best practices.  So far they have learned Power Query, Excel Tables,  Dynamic Array functions, and we are not done yet.

Excel Mentor’s Advice:  If you only learn one thing, start all of your projects with Excel Tables.


 Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Post: Image of Excel Table and Power Query Table

Excel Tables and Power Query are two sides of the same coin. Learn to master them.

This exactly what they needed to learn, they have never used either of these, now their custom solution is based on these. That is mentoring folks.


3. An MBA Student from Harvard

This was a challenging one.  This was on a Mac, running Excel 2016, and his Excel skills were at the low-intermediate level, at best.  So we had to earn our salt on this one.    2016 and the Mac greatly complicate Excel development.

He needed to learn how to analyze large amounts of data, of messy data.  We used Excel Tables, Power query, and the DAFs.  He was a quick study, super smart.  Learned this stuff faster than I did.  Harvard and all.

It does not matter who you are, where you work, or what your data is about.  It only matters that you know how to use the best tools for the task.  In our one-on-one Excel mentoring, we teach you exactly that, what YOU NEED TO LEARN.  Nothing more.

Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development – you learn just what you need to learn.


 Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development Post: Image preview of 5-Star Google Review on our Mentoring services.

What the client says matters very much. We have over 250 5-Start reviews, across all platforms. Our Google rating is 4.95 Stars.





 If you want to be the Office Excel Guru, Master This:

Learn the dynamic arrange functions and learn to master the use of the #.   The ultimate Excel function is LAMBDA, that is for the best of the best, if you want to be the Office Excel Guru, you must master this.

Also master the LET Function.


The LAMBDA function in Excel is designed to create custom functions that can be called by user-friendly names and reused throughout a workbook.


The LET function assigns names to calculation results. This allows storing intermediate calculations, values, or defining names inside a formula. These names only apply within the scope of the LET function. Similar to variables in programming, LET is accomplished through Excel’s native formula syntax.




What to Learn, What to Learn, our Excel Mentors will show you

There are multiple ways to do most things in Excel, same basic end results.  Which to use, in your Excel files.

  1. Automated, Manual, Hybrid
  2. Lookups: XLookup, VLookup, HLookup, Lookup, Index/Match, XMatch, etc.
  3. Tables, Ranges, Power Query
  4. Data Model
  5. Dynamic Array Functions or traditional programming methods
  6. # or no #
  7. VBA, no VBA.
  8. Validation Controls, Combo Boxes, ListBoxes, UserForms
  9. The list goes on and on


Why, why, why, how, how, how, now go do it; This is where the learning begins.




Want to learn more, want to be an Excel Expert?

If so, try our Excel mentoring services.

Try an hour or two of our mentoring services.  You should know within the first 25-minutes if this is for you, if you are willing to take the time to learn, to apply, to ask, to advance.  We can only guide you, you must do the rest.  If it is for you, let’s try 10-hours, on your schedule, and let’s see how far you get.

If you prefer standard training, one-on-one training, or to hire us for our programming services, we can assist you with that instead.  We are a full-service operation.


Affordability of our Mentoring Dynamic Excel 365 Services

You will be surprised at the rate, just how little this cost.  You are paying us to talk, to teach, to demonstrate, not to spend hours programming.  We get you.  We will take you to where you want to be, but you need to allow us to lead.

Using Dynamic Excel 365 is the Requirement for our Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development services.

You must be using Excel 365 to tap into our Mentoring services.  Excel 2016 is too old, missing too many pieces, time to upgrade.  You do want to use the new Calculation Engine in 2018+


Learning Advanced Excel Programming is Easy if you have a Mentor, allow us to Guide You.

Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development is not a service many firms offer. 

Why?  Do you know how good an Excel consultant needs to be in order to provide mentoring services?  You need to be an expert to take those that are intermediate or advanced, and to make them an Excel expert.    Our team of Excel experts is Microsoft Certified.  We have the goods, we have the talent, we have the affordable pricing.  We can help you today.  Please, give us a call.