Microsoft Excel Consulting Services

If your organization uses Microsoft Excel, you’re wielding one of the most powerful desktop productivity tools for data visualization, product tracking, accounting, and financial reporting available on the market. Said another way, Microsoft Excel is the most critical data tool at your fingertips — period.

With Excel consulting, we help your team execute advanced functions to:

  • Visualize key performance indicators
  • Filter and sort data to see trends
  • Create executive-level dashboard reporting
  • Summarize, track and manage data

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, working with Excel can transform your data and reporting. A professional Microsoft consultant will analyze your project needs and requirements and provide a solution so that you take full advantage of your data.


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Excel is a flexible tool with a multitude of uses, and our consulting services are tailored to best serve you and your team’s specific needs. No matter how large or small a role Excel plays in your day-to-day operations, professional consulting will accelerate your use of this powerful business tool. Let our Excel consulting take your skillset and efficiency to the next level!

What Is Microsoft Excel?

What is Excel? Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software used to store, organize, and visualize data.

Excel can accommodate business or personal needs, including:

  • Filtering and sorting data to identify trends
  • Measuring growth or decline of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Planning and keeping budgets
  • Financial modeling
  • Summarizing and tracking data
  • Visualizing data in graphs, charts, and tables

Excel is capable of calculating, analyzing, and storing any and all company data, including — but not limited to:

  • Sales and revenue
  • Commission
  • Sales tax
  • Deductions
  • Timesheets
  • Budgets
  • And any manner of KPIs
  • Financial modeling

Excel can turn complex data into manageable and organized data sets with compelling visualizations that allow for decision-making and communication.

How Can an Excel Consultant Help Me?

Excel consulting can help you get the most out of your Excel projects and software. While learning essential Excel functions does not pose significant challenges, learning more complex functions can turn into a huge time drain and a frustrating headache. User manuals can be helpful, but personalized and professional consulting encourages working smarter — not harder — while increasing productivity.

Having readily available assistance to assist in getting from point A to B efficiently offers excellent relief and time savings, and our consultations are tailored to suit the needs of your team first. We can make you more comfortable with the Excel functions in order to help you tap into the most sophisticated features of the software.

Benefits of Excel consulting include:

  • Encouraging more intuitive and team-friendly uses
  • Customized training for your business needs
  • Custom formatting
  • Database solutions
  • Scenario analysis
  • Education in navigating Excel automations
  • No more wasted hours
  • Custom training

Expert Microsoft Excel Development

Excel is equipped with a variety of complex calculation and formula capabilities and the creation of Excel applications using advanced functions — pivot tables, XLookup, vlookup, macros, and VBA programming — can provide businesses with the most powerful solutions possible. With expert development, you can unlock some of these powerful capabilities. If you need a more complex application or automation development, this option may be the solution for you.

Advanced Excel use includes:

  • Interactive and dynamic charts
  • Excel macro development for automation
  • VBA programming
  • Excel functions and templates
  • Pivot tables and reporting
  • Vlookup formulas
  • XLookups
  • Database integration
  • Data mining

Get a Customized Plan Today!

Understanding where to start can sometimes be half the challenge, and hiring an Excel consultant can help get you on the right track and help create a strategy best suited for your company. Let us create a custom plan tailored to improve your efficiencies and data analysis with Excel. Contact us today to learn more about why our team comes so highly recommended!

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