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Microsoft Consulting Services for Colleges

Here at Excel and Access, we provide Excel consulting for schools and Excel consulting for universities that use Microsoft Office products, including Excel, Access, and Power BI. If your educational institution operates with Microsoft Office’s business suite, you are wielding some of the best tools for tracking, visualizing, and reporting key data measures to boost the performance of your educational facility. We provide education Excel consultants to improve a faculty’s competencies while exploring some of the more complex functions of the program.




Concordia University Testimonial – “Christopher and Jacob did a great job getting an Excel report put together in a very short time frame. Jacob was very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. Email communication was constant and he was very easy going as we sorted out the normal bugs in a project. Their prices are extremely fair for the level of work and time they put into projects. The report has made our executive counsel very happy to have access to enrollment numbers in a very clean and easily view able report. Thanks again guys.” – Concordia University Irvine


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Microsoft Excel Consulting for Colleges & Educational Institutions

Excel is the most widely utilized application in the Microsoft Office suite of software products throughout the world. Our team of education Excel consultants helps organizations with the Microsoft program solutions they require to thrive in the data-driven environment of today.

Excel consulting for education systems helps your faculty execute advanced function to:

  • Track, summarize, and manage data
  • Create executive-level dashboard reporting
  • Visualize key performance measures


How Can a Microsoft Excel Consultant Help Me?

Excel consulting for education systems can ensure your team is getting the most out of your Microsoft Excel software.

With our Excel consulting for schools and our Excel consulting for universities, learning essential Excel functions is not entirely difficult, but it can become complicated as the procedures get denser.

While manuals and guides are helpful, our completely personalized corporate Microsoft Excel consulting services encourage working smart, not hard, while increasing performance and productivity.

The advantages of our Excel consulting for education systems include:

  • Database solutions
  • Scenario analysis
  • Custom formatting
  • Education in navigating Excel automations
  • Customized training for your particular business needs.
  • No more wasted hours
  • Encouraging more intuitive and team-friendly uses



Microsoft Access Consulting for Education Systems

With the assistance of our Microsoft Access consulting for education systems, we provide your faculty members with education Access consultants that offer the very best Access consulting for schools and Access consulting for universities.

Microsoft Access consulting for schools and Access consulting for universities improves educators’ ability to monitor, track, and visualize data with:

  • Creating applications without developer expertise
  • Automation of business processes
  • Database templates
  • SQL data storage
  • Custom database applications
  • Integration of different data


How Can a Microsoft Access Consultant Help Me?

Our Microsoft Access consulting for education can help you tap into the most customizable and advanced Access features:

  • Creation of customized apps
  • Integration of data from other applications
  • Data management
  • Data storage solutions
  • Advanced VBA solutions


The structure of our Microsoft Access consulting for education systems allows faculty to focus on the tasks most valuable to their work and their students’ learning experiences, all while learning Access’s most complex features.

While using basic Access features may seem easy at first for most people, our education Access consultants encourage organization and cohesion throughout the entire faculty. Furthermore, a consultant will teach your team to follow the same processing when working from point A to Z.

The benefits of Access consulting for education systems:

  • Implementation of a framework for database management
  • Integration of apps
  • Streamlining and simplification of Access processes
  • Learn about the functions of Access with other Microsoft Office applications
  • Tap into enterprise applications




Microsoft Power BI Consulting for Education Systems

Because we are in the era of “Big Data,” it is of ultimate importance to have actionable, real-time information that relays meaningful insight to your team. A cloud-based suite of analytics and visualization tools from Microsoft, Power BI allows your educators to examine, summarize, and assimilate visual data. Our education Power BI consultants simplify and streamline the complexities of learning the Power BI software.

Our Microsoft Power BI consulting for education systems help your faculty to use the essential features of the program while providing customized and relevant guidance on integration, implementation, and setup optimization.

Our Power BI consulting for schools and Power BI consulting for universities provides a framework to teach your team how to:

  • Provide secure data insights
  • Utilize integrations from hundreds of data sources
  • Organize important business data


How Can a Microsoft Power BI Consultant Help Me?

Power BI consulting for education systems can provide a wide variety of operational solutions for educators and academic professionals alike.

Our Power BI consulting for schools and our Power BI consulting for universities offers the most effective solutions for a variety of industries and disciplines:

  • Education
  • International Business
  • Economics
  • Professional Services
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Airlines
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Capital Markets







Imagine the teaching opportunities when we provide teachers, professors, and educators of all types with the best Power BI training and consulting services available. By hiring an education Power BI consultant, your faculty can become proficient with the tool faster, without wasting valuable time.

We offer Microsoft consulting for universities and schools to improve educators ability to create the best learning material for their students, while optimizing their ability to manage their own data and research. To get started, speak to our team of consultants today!





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