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Personalized One-On-One Excel Training

When it comes to learning Microsoft Excel, remote one-on-one Microsoft Excel training is the best way to learn Microsoft Excel.   There literally is no faster or more effective way to learn Microsoft Excel than doing it one-on-one, how could there be?  It is you, the expert Excel Instructor, your personalized training agenda, and that is it.




The Best Way to Learn Microsoft Excel

At Excel and Access, LLC you work with a seasoned Excel trainer focused 100% on you and your exact needs.  We see this as the best way to learn Microsoft Excel.

  • All of our Excel trainers are also Excel programmers, hence the difference.  We are Excel experts.
  • You only learn what you need to know.  As a result, you only need a handful of hours to learn all you desire.
  • Nothing is outsourced.  We offer top quality. in-house services, at competitive rates.


Excel and Access, LLC Company LogoAt our firm, Excel and Access, LLC, you work with the top Excel experts in the country.  When it comes to Excel training, the instructor matters very much.  The Excel trainer is the most important aspect of Excel training.  Work with a top Excel expert, one that is Microsoft certified.   Work with an Excel trainer that is also an expert Excel programmer.


Why Should you Hire Us ( Excel and Access, LLC ):  We have the best training talent available, many are Microsoft Excel MVP’s.  All of our Excel trainers are professional Excel programmers.  It makes a huge difference;  we teach what we do; we know exactly what we are talking about.  This is what we do for a living.


Remote One-On-One Excel Training Testimonial, on Bob the Excel MVP:

The Team at Excel and Access brings customer service to a new level.  Their responsiveness, accommodations, timely support, and most of all, trainers’ knowledge is next to none.

The skills that I’m gaining from their help are not only going to enhance my professional development, but they will make the power of Microsoft Excel that much more efficient.

Customer Service is always appreciated; top that off with execution with Bob the Legendary Excel MVP,  and you’ll bring new meaning to ‘Money well spent and time saved.

– Ben Meth, client since April, 2021



Our Excel Training Sessions are for Businesses and Individuals

New York based clients who have used our Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training services.

Our Senior Excel trainer is an Excel MVP, and is based out of our office in New York, does remote or onsite Excel training in surrounding areas. This is the Legendary Excel MVP, he is also one of our Senior Excel programmers. He knows everything. Super nice guy.


Your Specific Needs:  If you need to learn Microsoft Excel, the Excel and Access, LLC Team of Consultants can provide the Training Services your organization needs. We work with businesses, government offices, colleges and individuals.  All receive the same, 100% custom training solution they need.  All at very affordable rates.

How Much Training:  Most of our one-on-one Excel training is done on a remote basis, in 1-hour blocks.  Students usually need 2-3, maybe 5 hours of training and that is it.

Example of our Onsite Face-To-Face Excel Training:  One of our California based Excel MVP’s worked directly, onsite in New York, with the CFO of Ralph Lauren.  We first provided face-to-face Excel training in Manhattan.   Later followed by several remote Excel programming projects for Ralph Lauren’s Finance Department.

Our Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training:  We provide a combination of instructional materials, homework, and videos on the topics being taught.  All of our training is 100% tailored to you, the student.  There is no better way to learn Microsoft Excel.

We offer free consultations.  Please call Maria today to discuss your Excel training needs.


Toll-Free: 877.392.3539Irvine, California: 949.612.3366Manhattan, New York: 646.205.3261





The Instructor Makes the Difference

When it comes to one-on-one Microsoft Excel training, the instructor matters very much.  You want someone who can meet you where you are in terms of what you know, and what you need to know.  One that is patient, one that knows how to teach, one that knows Excel inside and out.  And one that can go slow when needed.

  • You need an Excel trainer that can sense when you are learning, when you are frustrated.  One that knows when to back up a bit, and to review a topic.  One that focuses on you and your learning experience.
  • You need an Excel trainer that can answer all of your questions, not one that says, “Let me research that.”  Hence, work with an Excel MVP, they know pretty much everything in Excel.


Our Opinion:  Microsoft Excel training does not need to be stressful.  Rather, make it a joy, work with one of our personable Excel trainers.


Image of Excel MVP Award. Microsoft Certifies about 130 Excel experts as Excel MVP's, globally. We employee several of the top Microsoft Excel MVP's, and you can work with them here.When it comes to Microsoft Excel, the Microsoft certified Excel MVP’s are the Excel subject matter experts.  Many of these are the best of the best, such as Bob out of our New York office.



The Level of Knowledge of your Excel Trainer Matters

What Should You  Learn:  There are too many functions, that when used alone, or with other functions, give the same end result.  There is the Lookup, HLookup, VLookup, and XLookup for example. Same result as the workaround Index/Match.  Which is the best to use, and which do you need to learn?

Depends on Your Needs:  Well that is where we come in, we are the Excel experts, and we know what you need to learn.  Here we would teach you the XLookup and the VLookup and forget the other lookup functions for the time being.

What we Teach:  As the Excel experts, what we will teach you is simple.  We will teach you the best functions and methods necessary so you can easily do what your job requires.  If you do not need to learn Pivot Tables for instance, we will not spend time teaching you Pivot Tables.  We will use that time to teach you what you need to know and nothing else.

Your Training Agenda:  We decide what we teach based on decades of experience, and on best practices.  We teach you the Best Way to program Microsoft Excel. Our Trainer’s knowledge runs deep, as they are also Excel programmers.  All of this strictly based on what you need to learn for your job.




When it comes to Microsoft Excel Training, the Agenda Matters

There are over 500 Functions in Excel.  Of those, how many do you really need to learn?  How many will you actually use?  And how many should you use?   Don’t learn all 500; learn the ones you need to learn.

For an intermediate user, that may be 10-15, maybe 20 functions?  Initially, not many more than that.

But most open to the public Excel training classes are using a canned agenda of topics that have nothing to do with the work you will be doing.   They are like a fast-food burger chain, just pump it out on volume with low-cost ingredients.  As a result you spend a lot of time and money, learning things you will most likely never use.  What a waste.  Instead, get a Smarter Microsoft Training Solution, learn strictly what you need to use at work.


Image from Google on "How many excel formulas are there". Says 45, now there are over 500 Excel functions if you can the new Dynamic Array Functions.

You only need to learn 10-15% of the Functions/Formulas available in Microsoft Excel. You should have a base group of 10-20 Excel functions you use regularly. If needed you can always add another one.

There is literally no need to learn many of the Excel functions that are being taught in canned Excel classes. Screwdriver, hammer, wrench, how many tools does one need to do the job properly. How many of that 100-piece socket set do you really need, 4 or 5? You most likely only need the standard ones.


When it comes to Excel training, you can quickly see that the agenda matters.  Are you being taught topics simply for the act of teaching, or are you being taught topics you will need to use?  The agenda matters.


Excel Training Agenda:  Focused on teaching you what you need to learn for your job

Most likely you are interested in one-on-one Excel training, because you want to improve your Excel programming skills, for your job.  That is why most companies hire us, to up the skills of their staff.

Excel Instructor’s Thoughts:  Make sure to learn the right materials, the right functions, and the best practices.  Learn the rest, if ever needed.  But start with a solid foundation, always using best practices.  Focus on the most powerful tools for the job.

There is so much to learn in MS Excel, you could spend months in classes.  Let’s stick to what you need to learn and do it in hours, not days.


Example of the Most Commonly Used Excel Functions 

  1. Sum, Average, Multiply – Beginner.
  2. Count, CountA, etc. – Beginner.
  3. Xlookup, VLookup.
  4. Match, XMatch, etc.
  5. SumIfs, CountIfs, AverageIfs, etc.
  6. IF, IFS, TextBefore, TextAfter, TextJoin, TextSplit, etc.
  7. New Dynamic Array Functions Simplify Excel Programming:
    1. ChooseCols, Unique, Filter, Sort, VStack,  Tranpose, Sequence, ToCols, etc.
      1. Expert’s Opinion: ChooseCols, Unique, Filter, & SortBy, when used together simplify Interactive Reporting.
        1. =UNIQUE(SORT(FILTER(CHOOSECOLS(P7:P23,1),$P$7:$P$23<>0),1,1))



Graphic from Microsoft website on dynamic array functions, animated gif.

in 2018, how one programs Microsoft Excel dramatically changed. Excel programming will never be the same.


Excel Programming Expert Note:  Several of the actions performed by these functions can now be done with FlashFill, such as TextJoin. But without the need to use a formula, just as with the Remove Duplicates button.  Game changers folks.


Our Opinion: we do not think there are an advanced formulas or functions; just intermediate ones.  What makes Functions advanced is when you combine two or more of them into one function.


We Focus the Agenda on you:   This cuts the training in half.  Give us 3-5 hours and we will change how you work in Excel.   Want to be the Office Excel Guru, we can get your there, based on using the proper training agenda for your needs;  the training agenda matters.





Work with the Nation’s Top Excel Trainers

There are all sorts of Excel trainers out there.  So many to choose from.  Expensive ones, cheap ones, local ones, foreign ones, experienced ones, inexperienced ones.  How do you decide?

In our opinion it is best to hire one that has been programming in Excel for 20 or more years.  One that offers one-on-one Excel training.   As one-on-one Excel training is simply the best way to learn Excel.

Our Trainers:  Our clients have worked with many Microsoft Excel MVP’s over the past 15-years.  Many of our clients have worked with Dennis Taylor of Lynda.Com and LinkedIn Learning. Top Tier Excel experts.


Dennis and Bob are in my mind two of the best Excel trainers in the country.  Both are legendary:  Few have done it longer or better.

Our Senior Excel Trainers started programming Excel in 1985, as did I.

All of our Excel trainers come from a career of Excel programming.



Depth of Talent:  The talent of the Excel MVP’s is so good it led to a series of programming projects with the Microsoft Corporation.  Our first project with Microsoft was to work on their 2013 Upwork project.   Two of our Excel MVP’s programmed Excel templates for Microsoft Excel 2013.  Our work was included in Microsoft Excel 2013, as well as being available for download on the Microsoft website.  That is some talent.

Excel MVP’s:  One of our Excel MVP’s was eventually hired directly to work at Microsoft on the Excel Team, how amazing is that!    Another is the MVP of MVP’s.   These Excel experts are some of the top talents in the country, we are happy to provide experts of such talent to our clients. 


Image of Microsoft Corporation Testimonial on our work. We have done several projects with the Microsoft corporation. always working with our team of Microsoft Excel MVP's.

Microsoft hired us to program Excel templates included in Microsoft Excel 2013 see Case Study.,






The Best Way to Learn Microsoft Excel

There are all sorts of Excel training classes out there.  There are large group classes, small group workshops, online webinars, and then there is one-on-one Excel training.  Of the options available, we think the 1 on 1 training is the best way to go.

Why is one-on-one Excel training the best way to learn Excel?  It is you and the instructor, 100% focused on you and what you need to learn.  This is not canned Excel training; this is 100% based on your exact needs.

What will we teach you?  We will not know until we speak with you, to build your agenda.

What Makes personalized Excel training so effective?

  1. No need to leave the office, or to get all dressed up, we do this remotely, using Zoom.
  2. We go over the materials that you need to learn, nothing else.
  3. We go at your pace, we do each subject until you have learned the lesson, then we move on.
  4. We work in your Excel file, one you are familiar with.
  5. We give homework, to make sure you learn the materials.
    1. For those that want it (Optional).
  6. Finally, we provide a recording of the training session, so that you may practice what was taught, on your schedule.




Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training Testimonial

Image of client testimonial on our Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training with the British Red Cross. She also took our one-on-one Microsoft Access training.

We offer one-on-one training in Excel and Access. This client took both, to improve her skills for her work.
See Case Study





Our Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training Classes

By the Hour, at Your Pace




Microsoft Excel Training – Introduction 101

This is where we start with people who have no experience with Excel.  If you have no idea of what Excel is or what it does, we start there.  Our Excel instructors will treat you gently. We will introduce you to Microsoft Excel, showing you what it does and most importantly, how to work with it.

For those new to Excel, we recommend 2-3 hours for the introduction one-on-one training course.


Microsoft Excel Training  – Beginner

This is where we start with people who may have some experience with Excel, but not too much.  Where we start depends on what you know.  If you know how to use the Sum, Count, Average functions, we start there.  If you know IF statements, Concat, we start there.  We build the agenda on your skills and your needs.

In our beginner training classes we cover functions, the Excel environment, and best practices.

For Beginners, we recommend 3-5 hours of one-on-one Excel training.


Microsoft Excel Training – Intermediate

Intermediate would cover topics such as using the XLookup, SumIfs, Pivot Tables, PasteSpecial, Validation Controls, FlashFill, Conditional Formatting, etc.  We focus on combining the right formulas to get the best results. At this level you will be able to build a basic spreadsheet.

Here we cover the most important functions in Excel, and we cover many aspects of the ribbon, and how to revise your Excel files, etc.  In this class you will be able to edit and to create simple Excel files.

Intermediate Training can take 3-5 hours, depending on what you need to cover.


Microsoft Excel Training – Advanced

Advanced would cover things such as combining the new Dynamic Array Functions into one complex function.   You might learn how to create a Dashboard based on an Excel Table, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, with Slicers.  Maybe some light vba.

At this level you will be able to build a nice, highly dynamic Excel workbook.  Others in the office will come to you for help.   You will be known as the office guru.

Our one-on-one Advanced Excel training usually takes 3-5 hours.


Microsoft Excel Training – Expert

Our Expert level Excel training is for those that are already an expert in Microsoft Excel. These are people that already make their living working in Microsoft Excel.   We are here for cherry picking of knowledge, this is as good as it gets in one-on-one Excel training.

Here you work with Bob, the Excel MVP, and he takes your skills to the utmost levels. You learn from the best to be the best.  This is unlike any Excel training on the market.  Few are good enough in Excel to even take this training.

Expert Training usually takes 5-8 hours, as this is where we get into the most complex, most advanced methods of programming Microsoft Excel.  


Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development – Excel and Access, LLC

Do you want to learn how to build a spreadsheet from scratch?  Do you want to learn to build it properly, using best practices?  If so, this is the Excel training course for you.  Here we teach you exactly what you need to know, using one of your work files, and we walk you thought the design and development, step-by-step.

At Excel and Access, LLC you work with a professional Excel programmer, your needs are discussed, direction decided, then you are taught what you need to learn in order to do the work.  Our Excel instructors will teach methods and practices, along with Functions and VBA.

There is no better way to learn Microsoft Excel.






Conclusion – Remote One-On-One Training is the Best Way to Learn Microsoft Excel

Focused on Your Needs:  Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training is the Best Way to Learn Excel, period.  It is your needs, the instructor, and you, nothing else.  You work with a top expert, 100% focused on teaching you what you need to learn, so you can do more at work.  There is no canned agenda, you only learn that which is of interest to you.

The result: you can learn in 3-5 hours, what it would take days or weeks elsewhere.  Remote, one-hour sessions, based on your availability and your schedule.  What could be easier.



Please contact us today for remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training

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