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Dynamic Array Functions Simplify Excel Programming

Microsoft Excel's New Dynamic Array Functions Simplify Excel Programming The Microsoft Corporation is on a tear!  First, it rebuilt Excel's Calculation Engine in 2018.  Then it released a series of new Dynamic Array Functions for Office 365 in 2020.   Microsoft's Dynamic Array Functions simplify Excel Programming. =SORT(FILTER(CHOOSECOLS(rangeEmployeeData,1,2,3,4,5,6,7),AgeColumn>AgeSelection),3,1)   Microsoft's Dynamic Array Functions are a Game [...]

Intermediate Excel Programming Skills

10 Intermediate Excel Programming Skills to Advance Your Career   Can improving your Excel skills help to advance your career? Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet application on the market today.  If you work in business, or in an office, chances are that you work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis.  Knowing these [...]