Excel Programming

Microsoft Excel is the most used tool in the Microsoft Office Suite. Excel organizes data using spreadsheets equipped to calculate, arrange, organize and manipulate data. Data is sorted and organized using simple features as well as more complex features such as pivot tables and the scenario manager.

Microsoft Excel also supports programming using Visual Basics for Applications (VBA). VBA allows more complex spreadsheet manipulations not available using standard spreadsheet techniques.

Excel programming can help with:

  • Excel automation
  • Custom data organization and imports
  • Accurate financial modeling
  • Data mining
  • Multi-user experiences
  • Custom templates, charts, and graphs
  • Spreadsheet formatting
  • Database integration

By hiring an Excel Programmer or consultant the most advanced Excel capabilities become accessible in your day to day business processes. By streamlining and automating important processes systems become efficient, robust and user-friendly.

What Is Excel Programming?

Macro programming focuses on the use of VBA. VBA is best used for spreadsheet manipulation not accessible with basic spreadsheet techniques. Through the use of VBA, tasks such as formatting, data organization, and reporting are automated.  

VBA brings custom, interactive features to life. Spreadsheets can be completely hidden from the user, instead presenting as an application for front-end users, or a decision support system (DSS).

The user interface can be customized to ask users questions in order to provide answers and reports as the solution.

An even more elaborate Excel realization can poll external databases and other measurement tools, providing accurate reports, analysis,  and the creation of automated Word reports and Powerpoint slideshows to be sent to front-end users.

Excel programming can help with a wide variety of business needs:

  • Differential equations
  • Mathematical physics
  • Finances
  • Custom dashboards
  • User interface
  • Software integration– Quickbooks and other Office software
  • Data cleanup
  • Microsoft SQL Server

How Can an Excel Programmer Help Me?

By hiring an Excel programmer a particularly unique experience is created for all users. Through the creation of custom solutions, Excel becomes a significantly more useful and comprehensive tool.

Microsoft Excel is equipped with advanced calculation capabilities, and advanced design options. When data is streamlined and easy to use, data plays a vital role in decision making, increasing the importance of accuracy.

There are many benefits to hiring an Excel programmer:

  • On or off site programmer
  • Onsite education
  • A dedicated programmer always available
  • Money savings
  • Fast and efficient solutions
  • Professional and experienced
  • Backed by an experienced team
  • On-demand support

Expert Programming Projects

A programmer can take manual operations and decrease time being spent on mundane tasks, by automating systems, creating huge time savings.

Excel programming projects are designed around improved reporting, data visualization, sorting, organization, and automation. Project examples include:

  • Develop custom dashboards that allow for at-a-glance analysis of key data
  • Turn hours-long manual operations into instant automations with Excel Automation
  • Set up custom data imports to pull in data from various sources including SQL, Oracle and .csv
  • Enable a single interface input with multi-channel front-end, back-end applications

Hire an Excel programmer and tap into the most advanced Excel tools while keeping your most sensitive data safe.

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