FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

>FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

At Excel and Access, we provide professional paid Consulting, Programming and Training services to Business Organizations, Government Agencies, and Education Institutions (B2B and B2C).

At Excel and Access, we are often copied, but never replicated.  Seriously, others try to accomplish what we do, how we work, etc. simply because we offer the best Microsoft Applications solutions possible.  We do so by following three fundamental principles.  We work hard, retain top talent, and put clients first.  Most importantly, upon completion, we guarantee our work.

Excel and Access has been a market leader since its 2004 founding in Southern California providing professional Microsoft applications solutions to thousands of satisfied and repeat clients.  Since our founding, we have expanded not only nationwide to San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, New York and Washington, DC but also internationally to Canada, Europe and Australia.

The Excel and Access team is comprised of some of the top consultants, programmers and trainers worldwide including Microsoft Excel, Access, and SharePoint MVPs, published Excel, Access, Word, and Outlook authors, collegiate VBA Instructors, trainers, speakers, and proven Excel and Access consultants and programmers, all with 15+ years of experience at a minimum.  Most actually have worked as full-time professional consultants, programmers, and/or trainers in a corporate environment and have contributed in-depth industry knowledge.

Excel and Access has completed well over 5,000 Microsoft Excel and Access projects.  This does not include hundreds of Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, SQL Server, and VB.Net projects.  This is the caliber of skills and experience we bring to our clients.

Within our three verticals of business, government and education, we perform our services either locally, remotely or on-site depending on client preference.  Our headquarters is in Irvine, California and we have local senior developer offices worldwide to accommodate client needs.

In most cases, we work on a retainer basis.  We bill for work at either an hourly or fixed basis depending on the scope of work, complexity and timing of the engagement.  There are no hidden costs and we even offer free client consultations.  Company checks, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and ACH payments are all acceptable forms of payment.

At Excel and Access we tend to utilize fixed bid pricing for the following reasons.

1. We like to provide our clients with the full price up front.
2. The amount of hours required to do the work can vary by programmer. Some of our staff can accomplish tasks faster than others.
3. We stick by our fixed bid quotes.  If it takes us longer than expected to do the work, we do not come back to ask you for additional funds.

For any of our engagements, we offer a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for clients to sign as applicable.  If a client provides an NDA, we can review and sign prior to starting any work.  Nonetheless, we always treat all material provided with the strictest confidence.  Our hundreds of satisfied clients can attest to that fact that we work as consummate professionals.

Our clients range from the smallest of businesses to the largest companies, from SMEs to Fortune 500.  We also work with numerous Government Agencies and Education Institutions of all sizes.

Put simply, we do not outsource any of our work to third world countries.  All of our services are provided by our team, and clients work closely with team members throughout an engagement.