The British Red Cross Case Study

This blog post goes over a recent Microsoft Excel and Access training project with the British Red Cross in Lebanon. With this post our goal is to give you an idea of what it is like to engage us for one-on-one Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft Access training, on a remote basis. Here, we show some communications to give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to hire us, you will see how much focus is on understanding your needs before we quote you for the training. We do this because we pride ourselves on providing Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions. As such we take the time to fully understand your needs, so that we teach you exactly what you need to learn, making sure you walk away a happy camper.

See the emails, see training agendas, the Excel workbook, a recording of the live training session, the certificates of achievement, and the client testimonial. All you need to read to learn how one-on-one Excel and Access training goes at E&A, the Microsoft Excel and Access subject matter experts and data visualization training professionals.



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Their Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access Training Needs:

Advancing the Microsoft Application Skills of the British Red Cross

Solution : Advanced Training in Microsoft Excel and Access.

Format : Live, One-On-One, Remote, Recorded.

Organization : British Red Cross.

Sector : Global Non-Profit, Global Health Services.

Locations : Irvine California, New York, London, Lebanon.


We can train you in Microsoft Excel as soon as tomorrow, if that works for you.



Training Challenge:

The client, an employee working within the Finance department of the British Red Cross, based out of Lebanon had originally reached out looking to advance her skills in both Excel and Access through one-on-one training with one of our experts. The training needed to be remote, and it needed to be one-on-one. The best Excel trainer is based out of New York, our top Access trainer is based out of the UK, and our office is in Irvine California. This was a truly international based project with this global non-profit.


No matter your location, we can bring you the best Excel and Access training experts to work one-on-one with you, on an affordable remote basis, this is LIVE training.




Through one-on-one training she was hoping to learn more regarding:

Microsoft Excel Training Agenda

    • Formatting
    • Number and Data Types
    • Text
    • Styles
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Pivot Tables and Charts
    • Formulas (Xlookup, Vlookup, Hlookup, SumIfs, and more)

Microsoft Access Training Agenda

    • Writing Queries (Select, Append, Delete, Update, Crosstab, Union, and more)
    • Relationships
    • Table Structure
    • Data Types
    • Forms
    • Reports
    • Exporting and Importing
    • VBA.


Her Microsoft Access Training needs.

Hello Christopher, I have no clue on Access and never used it, my aim was to ease my reporting and instead of using excel to use access so want to know more on this regard. Learning the basics of that would be fine but will leave it to you as you know more. Best, Clara Youssef



♦ Initial Contact and Communication (Email based):

Dear Sir/Madame,

I hope this email finds you well,

I am interested to advance my skills in excel and access training (one to one training). Can I be put in contact with the designated person to ask more questions on this regard?

Thank you and regards,
Clara Youssef
Finance, Grants Management and Compliance Senior Officer
British Red Cross – MENA & Mediterranean Region


♦ Our Response (Edited): Can you please tell me more about your needs? What do you want to learn, etc.?:

I have never used access so would like to start from scratch, I have excel and access 2004 versions and if an updated version is needed/better I can ask for it from my company.

I am good at excel but would like to advance my skills as I am a finance staff and excel is highly needed to improve and ease my work. It can be a refresher on some formulas and mainly would like to know more on pivot tables, charts and analysis, macros.. (is there an opportunity to do a test and check my level and then decide where to start? Or there is a specific training package that has to follow?)


♦ Our Response, the conversation to determine needs continues:

Hello Clara.

Hope you are having a nice Friday.

Thank you for your answers, here are some points on those.

• One-on-one Microsoft Excel training with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP.

o Conducted LIVE, remotely, by the hour, just you, you rcomputer and the trainer.

• Access training, how to be a “user” of an Access database, not an Access programmer.

o We can also teach you to program Access, but you need to be a good Access user first.

• Our training is 100% custom to your needs. We go at your pace. You can do one hour, or 20, whatever you need.

• We are often able to record the training and we provide that free of charge if we do.


Legendary Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP: Check out this page, look at Bob, the Microsoft Excel MVP based out of New York on the one-on-one page below, that is who you will be working with if you hire us. He is the legendary first Microsoft Excel MVP, 26 years and counting. The best of the best Microsoft Excel subject matter experts, he knows his stuff like no other.

Why not work with one of the best Microsoft Excel data visualization experts and trainers in the business? 

Microsoft Certified Excel Subject Matter Expert since 1993, year one of the Microsoft Excel MVP Program.




♦ The client decides to move forward with our one-on-one Excel and Access training.

Dear Christopher,

I hope this email finds you well,

I apologize on my late reply but the approval process takes time!

I am happy to confirm that I need to enroll into the course, can we schedule a call to discuss the timing, content of the training and agree on the way forward?

Thank you for your patience and looking forward to meeting you 😊

Best, Clara Youssef


♦ We are flexible when it comes to scheduling and adjusting the schedule on the fly:

Hello Christopher,

Following the disaster happened in Beirut, can we cancel our today’s session? Apologies but I am not able to concentrate well with the overall situation around me. We can continue from tomorrow and schedule for another session.

Best, Clara Youssef


♦ Your exact needs are the details that matter, and we work hard to get those right, before the training:

Hello Clara,

Thanks for the email.


I would like to to tailor the experience towards your data and would appreciate it if you could send me samples of complex workbooks you currently have in your possession. If there is anything which is hugely sensitive and can’t be submitted then I recommend that you update the data to xxxxxxxx for text and 1111111 if they are numbers.


Kind Regards

Ian Gordon-Brown
Lead UK Developer
Excel and Access LLC


♦ Client Completed Microsoft Access Training:

Hello Christopher,

Thank you so much! Today I completed my access training and awaiting to receive the certificate.

I really enjoyed the courses with you all, will write shortly my review on the website.

Best, Clara Youssef


♦ More Feedback on Excel and Access Training Projects:

Hello dear, I enjoyed the trainings and learnt a lot, as a beginner of access (with no previous background) It will be better to enroll for more hours but will see if its feasible for my organization to cover more or maybe in the future will take additional sessions. As for excel, I am more advanced now, but as a finance person who uses excel every day, learning excel will never be stopped.

Best, Clara Youssef


♦ Client Testimonial on our Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions:

Hello Christopher,

I enjoyed taking Excel and Access training with Microsoft Excel and Access experts, there was plenty of information and I recommend having the one to one training the way I did as the trainers are very well experienced and provides plenty of tips. I feel better equipped and more confident. Thank you for your patience and knowledge sharing!

Thank you Christopher and it was nice dealing with you!

Clara Youssef
Finance, Grants Management and Compliance Senior Officer
British Red Cross – MENA & Mediterranean Region


Results of One-On-One Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access Training:

After 12 one-on-one Microsoft Excel and Access training sessions with some of the brightest minds in the industry (Top Microsoft Excel MVP Trainer in New York, Leading Access Developer in the UK) the client was able to learn everything that we scheduled for and then some.  Our international team was able to dive into additional topics regarding the tools and answer any questions that arose.

For our One-On-One Microsoft Excel training clients we provide a certificate of achievement at the end of the training. The one for the British Red Cross is below:


For our One-On-One Microsoft Access training clients we provide a certificate of achievement at the end of the training. The one for the British Red Cross is below:


♦ What can you expect if you hire us for live one-on-one, or face-to-face Microsoft Excel and/or Access training:

You can expect to walk away saying OMG, I learned even more than I expected, they answered every question to my satisfaction, these guys are the Microsoft Excel and Access subject matter experts, just like they said. You can expect to be driven to write a glowing testimonial on our training services, almost all of them do as this is such a personal service, we really get to know you and your needs, and we work with you with our passion. If you can find a better team of trainers, I would like to hire them to work here, because my guys are the best in the game. Just ask the other Microsoft Excel MVP’s, Bob is the man, the world’s best known Microsoft Excel subject matter expert, programmer and trainer, there is no better for this format of Excel training.


♦ Why Hire Us for our Microsoft training services:

Because we are the sweet spot of Microsoft Excel and Access training, one-one-one, even face-to-face, the best way to learn Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. Also the most affordable way to learn. You, the trainer, a computer, and all the questions you ask. Plus you get to do the work live with the trainer. This is at your speed, how long it takes is all up to you. By the hour, so affordable.




British Red Cross Case Study