Don’t Settle for Local: Excel & Access Makes Virtual Programming Simple!


You’re a business owner or executive who recognizes inefficiencies in your use of Microsoft Office applications. You know a professional Microsoft consultant, programmer, and trainer can help to significantly improve your processes, reporting, and data utilization, but sadly, there are very few quality companies to choose from near you. What do you do?

While a local, on-site consultation might seem essential for delivering detailed, customized training and programming solutions, it can often be cheaper, easier, and more effective to work with a large national company, virtually.

In this post, we’ll explain how Excel & Access has been able to deliver highly-effective and personalized solutions remotely, granting business owners access to top-tier Microsoft Office solutions regardless of their locations. We’ll mention a few key components that guide our virtual consultation, programming, and training services so that you can feel confident in trusting a reputable market leader, even if we don’t have a location near you.

Local Isn’t Your Only Option

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re limited to choosing a training or programming company near you. Sure, an in-person consultation may sound preferable to a virtual meeting, but if you sacrifice expertise for proximity, the final product will certainly suffer. When it comes to investing in your business, government agency, or educational institution, you shouldn’t have to settle for mediocrity. At Excel & Access, we employ a team of top Microsoft Office experts who can offer remote programming solutions and support that surpass the local competition.

Simple & Effective Virtual Learning

Virtual learning has become incredibly convenient and intuitive in recent years. Not only have remote consultations and training sessions become more common in the business world, but they also bring a variety of added benefits to in-person training you might not expect. From higher-quality solutions to simple convenience, there are many reasons to choose Excel & Access over a local Microsoft solutions provider.

Here are some of the incredible advantages of working virtually with Excel & Access:

Industry-Best Microsoft Applications Solutions

With video chats and easy-to-use screen share applications, companies can work together remotely just as easily as they can in person. This means you no longer have to settle for the best local option. You can be as selective as you’d like and choose the company with a long history of providing exceptional Microsoft Office solutions.

On-Demand Program Assistance

Virtual Microsoft programming services give you access to professional support when you need it most. Our teams of experts are available to help you refine new processes and integrate new application features into your operations, so you can adopt change effortlessly without having to wait for a local Microsoft programming service to pencil you in.

Webinars and Online Certified Training

Having virtual access to your programming and training company helps you stay ahead of the curve as processes and demands change. From program guidance for new hires to continued training for your entire staff, we can help you stay on top of training remotely, so your business can continue to perform at peak efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Prompt Response Time

Time is money. If your operation is using outdated and inefficient programs and processes, it costs you money. It benefits you greatly to get these issues resolved and more efficient solutions in place as soon as possible. As a large, market-leading organization, Excel & Access is equipped to handle your Microsoft Applications concerns quickly and effectively. With local agencies, you can be forced to schedule on-site visits weeks in advance. With Excel & Access, you can get the attention you need promptly from one of our many developers around the globe.

Specialized Not Generalized Support

At Excel & Access, we work with true Microsoft specialists to deliver industry-best solutions for business organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies. If you settle for a local service, you often lose that level specialization and receive less helpful and less customized solutions for your business. By opting for a virtual programming and consulting company, you can get a higher level of expertise and specialization that can yield significantly improved results over time.

Excel & Access is the Only Name to Trust

Your company, agency, or institution deserves the best Microsoft Office application solutions available. Whether you work in downtown Los Angeles or Saskatoon, Canada, we have the talent and expertise to provide the advanced Microsoft Office programming and training your business needs to succeed.

Contact Excel & Access today to learn more about our virtual programming, consulting, and training services and to discuss the unique needs of your business.