Microsoft Database Upgrade, Repair, & Expansion Services

Over 50% of the Microsoft databases in use today were built well over 15 years ago.  Yet many of these databases had one, two, or maybe zero upgrades over the years.  Had they constantly done the updates, there should not be many problems in an upgrade, except for new features in the new database version , or lost features that are not in the new version, which happens each time a new version comes out.

That said, if you are like many clients, and you want to jump from Access ‘95 or Access 2000 to say Access 2019, well then, there are going to be changes needed, but we know where those are and we know how to fix them.  This is what we do, and big jumps through versions is the norm.


We are the Microsoft Database Experts

At Excel and Access, LLC corporation, we are proven experts in all of Microsoft relational databases.  Integrating Excel and these databases is what we do.

And if you would like to make a brand new database that works like the old one, only better, expanded on, and more useful, our Access experts can build that as well, and looking at your current database as a reference drastically cuts programming time.

Our clients love our database repair services.


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Database Recovery Services, all Microsoft Databases

If your Microsoft database has crashed, has bugs, or is just not doing what it is supposed to be doing, we have good news, we are here to fix that database problem for you, and we can do so right away, at an affordable cost.

Microsoft databases that are built and used over time, say 5 years or more, almost always run into problems. In these instances either they exceed the size limit of the database as set by Microsoft, or you could have forms or reports that no longer work.

Sometimes you want to add new fields to tables, forms, reports, etc., and adding that is something that our team of Access programmers can do for our clients, as it is one of the most common database programming requests. As they add data to the database over time and as their business changes, the database needs to be able to recognize those changes and the database needs to be revised accordingly.

“I spent a frustrating month trying to find a company in my area that could fix my Access problem. I couldn’t enter my business data and was very concerned I decided to increase my search area and googled for MS Access repairs. Google provided a list of companies that said they could help. I was put off by some that were apparently too large to deal with my small problem. It is my great good fortune that I decided to try this company. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and willing to help. I spoke with their programmer Stan on the 27th and through WebEx my program was fixed and working exactly right by the 28th.

This is definitely a five star company, if I could give it more I would.

I recommend you call them or email them for any Access issues.”

– Susan Eha, Owner of Trout Creek Farm


Fix Your Broken Microsoft Relational Databases

Databases break, that is the cold simple facts. Somewhere down the road, either the data will change or the database file will change, and either can cause terrible results. A new person could accidentally delete a field on a form, and that simple error can send errors across your database.

Sometimes something happens on the end that sends you that data, sometimes they change a data type, or column structure, and when they do, the import into your database may fail. Something that happens, something that we can fix, without charging you an arm and a leg.

The problem with your broken database may not be the database at all, but rather from the Excel file that feeds your database, for example. Let’s say that you import/link Excel data into your Microsoft database, if the data structure or data types have changed, you could be causing harm to the database and the data integrity. We can spot those problems for you and we can make it like new again.


1. Microsoft Access Database Recovery

Locked out of your database, your database won’t load, your data appears to be gone? Well that is not good, but chances are we can help you with this. Once we know your problem, we can tell you if we can help.

We can jump into a screen share session such as GoToMeeting, and we can look at your database while we speak, and this should tell us what we need to know. Based on this we can tell you if we can help you, and if so, what the help would cost. If not, we will tell you that too, and we will point you in a good direction to get this resolved for you.

What if you are locked out of your database, say by an upset employee that quit, what do you do then? There is a good chance we can assist you in getting access to the database. Once again, a quick screen share session and we should know if we can help, if so, how, and what we think that would cost.

If you are locked out, completely, with no way back in, one option is to have us build a new database, that does what your old one does, with any changes you would like to make. While not the first option, it is always an option.



2. SQL Server Database Recovery

SQL Server is the same concept, but there are a series of SQL Server versions, different features in each. From the free version to the expensive enterprise versions for the largest companies.

You are almost guaranteed to be able to recover a SQL Server database as the DBA should have backups and recovery set for the database which is standard.

One way to safeguard the data in a Microsoft Access database is to link to tables in a Microsoft SQL Server database, one with backup and recovery set by the DBA. This also gets you past that 2 gig size limit of a Microsoft Access database.



3. Azure Database Recovery

Azure is the online Microsoft database that we use with Excel, Access, and SQL Server, works with MySQL, etc. Azure is Microsoft’s latest database, if you do not count Microsoft Power BI which is in fact a relational database.


The Microsoft Relational Database Recovery Process

It starts with a quick email or phone call where you contact us and let us know that you need help.

When then determine which Microsoft database is bothering you and what the challenge is. Based on that we will set an online screen share session to look at your database as we speak with you.

Once we determine your problem and which database you are using we are able to provide a quote to fix the problem for you. Our rates are highly affordable and we can start the work right away.



“We were having an issue with our old Access 2000 database. I contacted Excel & Access to see if they could solve the problem. Stan sent me and my IT guy a screen view link, once he was in our system he was able to determine the problem was on our server end and not with Access.

He stayed on the line while my IT guy made several changes until the problem was fixed.

I’m glad it turned out to be a simple fix. I will definitely call them again if I have anymore Access issues.

Thanks for solving our issue.”

– Blaine, Production Manager at Clear Print

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