3 Reasons It’s Important to Continuously Train Your Staff

Microsoft programs such as Excel, Access, and Power Bi are powerful tools that can help your team get organized, save time, and achieve your aims and goals. However, despite being user-friendly and easy to understand, investing in continuously training your team on these programs can help your company reap incredible benefits and give you an edge above your competition. Courtesy of Excel & Access, LLC, check out these advantages of making sure your team knows Excel, Access, and Power Bi — and knows them well.



1. Microsoft Office programs are needed for most administrative positions


This true across all types of industries: Microsoft Office expertise is a highly valuable skill, especially in administrators. According to a study by International Data Company (IDC), of 14.6 million job postings, having skills in Microsoft Office was among the most-desired abilities by employers — a clear sign if you’re thinking of getting your team up to speed on Excel, Access, and Power Bi.


2. You can increase your team’s productivity


By providing your employees with continuous training in Excel, Access, and Power Bi, you can help them become self-sufficient in compiling data, creating forms and reports, designing data tables, and transferring information. Empowered with their new skills, the members of your team will no longer need to go to other employees with their Microsoft Office questions, enabling them to work on their tasks and goals without the distraction of not knowing how to use a particular application or tool.


3. Invest in your team’s value


By helping your team become Excel, Access, and Power Bi experts, you can significantly boost your team’s value by contributing to their skill set. Whatever industry you are in, the services that your employees provide will become that much more sought-after by training them in the latest solutions. Are you interested in learning more about what Excel, Access, and Power Bi can do for your company and their goals? Excel & Access, LLC is your source for the solutions that you and your team have been looking for. For more information, get in touch with us today by calling 877-392-3539.