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Professional Microsoft Database Development, featuring point-n-click Integration & Automation in the four Microsoft Relational Database applications, plus Microsoft Excel & Office ( a complete system; a Smarter Microsoft Solution ):

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To be a Microsoft Database EXPERT, you must be an expert in ALL FOUR Microsoft Databases.





Smarter Microsoft Database Solutions


Microsoft’s Relational Database Experts – All 4 Microsoft Database Applications.

(Programming, Consulting, Training and Database Development in these four Microsoft databases):

1. Access
2. SQL Server
3. Azure
4. Power BI


Microsoft has four powerful relational databases, a specific use for each.  Here we will discuss the need to hire an expert in all four of those Microsoft database applications, not just an expert in one, say Access. The reasoning follows that most often three of the four databases are involved in robust solutions.  We take the time to explain why.

We are Microsoft Database Experts. We can integrate and automate all four Microsoft’s databases, along with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and even the Mac Office applications, one seamless solutionA Smarter Microsoft Solution as we like to call it.


An Integrated Microsoft Database Solution has up to four database components,

for accessibility

( Desktop, Network, Cloud, BI )




If your database programmer only works in one of these applications, how do you add the other necessary components to your database solution? 

Do you hire a second database programmer?


You should hire a Microsoft Database Developer that works in all four of the Microsoft databases, plus Excel, instead of one that just works in one database application:

These days, most people in business work in more than one Microsoft program, say Excel, Word,  and Access, and often they work in more than one of the Microsoft database applications at the same time. Why, well, there data often comes to them that way, in a variety of formats and sources from a variety of Microsoft programs. They then need to integrate and automate those applications with the use of VBA, so your Microsoft database developer and programmer should be able to work in three or more of those applications ( Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI ).

Increasingly Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Azure are being used in a single system, a Smarter Microsoft Database Solution.  The best of the best systems are fully integrated and automated, powerful Microsoft based business solutions.

As such it is highly recommended  that you hire a Microsoft database expert that can work in all four of  Microsoft’s databases, for optimal results of your project. If you need a coder to work in two or three, or even all four of them, you are already set, one expert, up to four applications, one project, no gaps in ability. A fully integrated and automated database system.

You never know when you will need to integrate SQL Server with Access, or integrate Access and/or SQL Server with Azure, or even with Excel, as those three databases are often used in one seamless solution. To get the most power out of the Microsoft database applications your organization uses, get a Microsoft database expert that is an expert in all four of the Microsoft databases. The best of the best, the most advanced data visualization experts in the field, for a Smarter Microsoft Database Solution.




Why would you want to hire an Expert Database Developer or Programmer that works in 3 or 4 of the Microsoft Relational Database Applications?

Simple, each of the Microsoft databases is unique, and has a particular use, hence they Microsoft has four, one size does not fit all.  As such each database was developed for a specific purpose, take Azure for example, that was Microsoft’s attempt to create a Cloud Based SQL Database application.  It is to be integrated and automated with Access, SQL Server, even Microsoft Excel.

Access while usually on the company network, is referred to as a desktop database application.  The Front-end is often saved on the users C drive, while the backend is usually on the company network.  Access is restricted to 2 gigabytes in size, which is large enough in most cases, and for those where it is not, where BIG data or even HUGE data is the norm, that data is then housed in SQL Server instead of Access.

So you find yourself integrating Access with SQL Server for large data reasons, and for performance reasons, as the SQL Server engine is much more powerful than the Access database engine.

If you have either/or an Access database and a SQL Server database, and if you need to add a Cloud Component, enter Microsoft Azure.  So you can integrate the Azure SQL Database, with Access and SQL Server, allowing web interaction.

  • Most large clients do find themselves working in Access, SQL Server and Azure, plus Excel. Optimal Solutions.

See how quickly the need arises for an database developer or programmer that can work in 3-4 of the Microsoft databases?  If you need to add Azure to your solution, but your database coder is not up to the task, you then have to hire a second firm?  Get my point.  Just hire a true Microsoft database expert in the beginning.  And if you are forward thinking, make sure that they are also an expert in Microsoft Excel, as 95% of our database clients also work in Microsoft Excel as part of their optimal solution. A Smarter Microsoft Solution.


Hire 4 Database Programmers, or Hire Just 1 Really Good One:



Desktop Component – Microsoft Access Database

Cloud Component – Microsoft Azure Cloud Based Database

IT Managed Network Component – Microsoft SQL Server Database

Business Intelligence Component – Microsoft Power BI Database




What exactly makes one a database development expert?  Experience and knowledge, and lots of it.

Databases are far more complicated than is Microsoft Excel.  It takes many more years to become an expert in say Access, SQL Server or Azure than it does to become an Excel MVP.  Databases are very complicated, and there is a lot of work involved.  Add the fact that your organization might work in all four of the Microsoft databases, plus Excel and Office.  So you need a database developer, or coder, that is act the top levels, else your database will have issues and issues are not good.


What exactly makes one a database development expert? 

Being able to program in all four Microsoft databases as the expert level, all four.

Experience and Knowledge, and lots of it




Image of client testimonial


What does a Microsoft Database Developer do?

A Microsoft application database developer, aka database programmer is typically someone that builds database applications for their clients, using one or more of the four Microsoft databases. Such as a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server databases, these being two of the most used Microsoft databases in the world, with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI being the other two. The later are also the most recent relational databases by Microsoft, Azure for the Cloud, and Power BI as their new heavy hitter.

A database developer often integrates one or more of the Microsoft databases with Excel, Word, Outlook, etc., all into one seamless, automated solution, with a point-n-click graphical user interface in Excel or Access, forms driven.  Want a powerful application that runs itself, then you need to hire a database programmer that can work in all four of the Microsoft databases, and make sure they also work in Excel.  Smarter Microsoft Solutions.


A few of our better known Microsoft Database development clients that automated and integrated their Microsoft databases:

  • Microsoft – Power BI, w/ Excel
  • XUMO / Comcast – Access, w/ Excel
  • Toshiba – Access, w/ Excel
  • Toyota – Access, w/ Excel
  • USC – Access, w/ Excel
  • Honda – SQL Sever, Access
  • Aryzta – SQL Server, w/ Excel
  • PepsiCo – SQL Server, Azure, w/ Excel
  • Dog Shows of America – Access, Azure, w/ Excel


Image of Microsoft Access form

Example Microsoft Access Front-End Forms interface, integrates with Microsoft Excel.


Our Microsoft Database Developers and Programmers work in all of the following applications, combining them into one seamless solution, with a point-n-click graphical user interface for ease of use. With the use of VBA/Macros, we can push a button on a form, and we can watch all of these programs, run, without our interference or assistance.  That is the Ultimate Smarter Microsoft Solution.

  1. Excel
  2. Access
  3. SQL Server
  4. Azure
  5. Power BI
  6. Word
  7. Outlook
  8. PowerPoint
  9. Mac Office


If you want to save time, which is money, and if you use any of the above applications, you strongly want to evaluate integrating and automating them with the use of VBA/Macros.  Create a Point-N-Click GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) to run your applications.  Remove the user from the process.  Schedule the work, or click a button, then allow your computer to finish the task, including verification and distribution.  Pay once, save each time you run the smarter Microsoft solution.  This is the pinnacle of Microsoft applications.


This is the pinnacle of Microsoft applications.


How can we help you?

We can help you with a stand alone Microsoft database, such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server, or we can assist you to create a powerful integrated database solution drawing on two or more of the four Microsoft databases, plus we can add Excel, Word, Outlook, etc., to the ultimate solution, fully integrated and automated.  That is the level of experience we bring to the table, and have over the past 25 years.


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