Location, Talent, Results:

What Matters Most for the Success of Your Project?

The quality of the work should come before everything else, for best results

LOCATION – Location can be very important, and it definitely matters if you want local onsite help.

Firms having the ability to travel onsite to the client is an important option to have available to you, should you need that face-to-face interaction. But with that said, most clients do not want on-premises work. Rather they prefer to have the programmer or developer to do the work out of their office.

So while location can be very important, especially if you want onsite work, it is important to consider that 98% of the work in this space is actually done remotely, so location typically is not the most important aspect of a successful project.  That said, we have local offices and staff to work with you. We can come onsite as needed (USA, UK, Canada).

TALENT – Is the most important ingredient to the success of your project.

Talent is directly correlated to results. Ability must come first, no matter your location. Why pay the same amount of money for a project that does not do what you need it to do, and thus leads to frustration and wasted time and money, and that possibly forces you to hire a new firm to fix the work your current firm did so poorly or even wrong, just so you can hire someone that is local, though not very talented.

What level Results are you paying for? 2-Stars, 3-Stars, 5-Stars?

Always get the Best Global Talent available, aka the best talent in the world, regardless of your location, as it costs basically the same, unless you are hiring unskilled, cheap, offshore, India based freelancers.  The quality of the work should come before everything else. ( Covid has shown that Zoom works very well ).

RESULTS – Come from a combination of the best programming ability ( Talent ) for your need, the price, timing, client service, ongoing product support, & the availability of local onsite help.

Ideally it will be a combination of these, with onsite support being an option, but not necessary for all projects. Talent should always be at the top of the list, followed by price, timing, ongoing support and top notch client service.

If the files do not work, no matter the rest of the details, then what good is it. The application must be properly built, it must be robust, and of course stable and bug free. How the application performs over time is of course very important. Does it allow you to expand on the file(s) for new needs? Does it run without user intervention? Does it run quickly. All of these things usually matter far more than if the programmer lives down the street from your office. That is, if results matter more than location.

We have the two US based office locations to serve you, one in New York and one in Irvine, and we have the top local talent in both cities.

Not in Irvine or New York?  You can still work with our best programmers and trainers, on a remote basis, or if you prefer, we can travel onsite to your office, no matter your location.

How close they are to your office, versus how good they are in Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure, BI and Office 365. What matters most, location or results?

You may not know this, but “local firms” more often than not, do the programming work out of their company office, not onsite at your office.  With our firm we will come onsite as needed, we can do all of the programming there as well, but traditionally the programming and development work are not typically done onsite, as that is not the most efficient nor the most affordable method of programming.

So with that said, other than possibly coming onsite from time to time, as needed, if needed, what is more important to the success of your critical project, the location of the company you hired or the Excel and Access files you will receive when the project is complete?  Results or Location?

For best results avoid discount outsourced / offshore freelancers, as you usually get what you pay for, or even less, and those projects do not typically go very well – pay for the best results; hire the right company.


We have local offices in California and New York, to work onsite at your location, out of our local office, or we can work remotely.  Either way, we have the best talent available. We pride ourselves on having the best talent in the USA, Canada and the UK (Best Global Talent).

Need someone onsite at your office location in New York, California, Texas, Canada, London or Los Angeles, for example. Not a problem, when do you want us there? ( Additional costs may apply )

No matter your location, we are able to provide you with the best Microsoft programming and database development in Office 365 and the four Microsoft Databases (Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI), at the expert level.

The real question?  Should you choose the best consultants, developers and trainers available to work with your company on your critical project, regardless of their location, or should you choose the closest person to your office, (which in fact might be us if you are in New York or California or London)?

Hire the best local Excel programmer available, or hire the best Excel programmer no matter their location, a world of difference between the two; one might be okay, while the other is in the top 1% of talent available, they typically cost the same. But the results are very different.

When we hired our programming, development and training staff, we did not set out to find the best programmers, developers and trainers in say California, New York, or England, rather we set out to hire the best data visualization experts we could find, regardless of their location as to us, results matter most; 5-Star Solutions, not 3-Star Solutions.

Given most of the work in this space is performed remotely, we decided to hire the best programmers and trainers on the planet, regardless of their location, it just turned out that the best people we hired happened to be living in those locations.

Image of New York based clients

A few of our New York office clients.

Testimonial – Ralph Lauren (Onsite Excel programming & Excel Training in New York). For this project one of our top Microsoft Excel MVP’s went onsite to Wall Street to work on-premises with this fashion client:

Technical wizards, great listeners, deliver on time and on budget and with additional “nice to have” functionality, understand the business process first and build a solution for it , always reachable, excellent customer service, cheerfully meets unreasonable deadlines.

I got good feedback from the Excel training as well. I am happy to as such recommend training. If prompted about training I will recommend.

Ralph Lauren
Richard S. Foggio – CFO

Examples of how businesses work in 2019 and beyond ( Enter Covid ):

Based on the work we have done with our clients, going back to 1994, below we have several examples of how many of our projects flow, and when onsite is needed by the client, and that might actually surprise you. While we are all about local and going onsite, the need for that has decreased over the years.

It is important to note, that Covid just highlighted the recent trend of the past 10-years, more and more firms are choosing remote versus onsite, even when they hire a local firm, they still tend to prefer remote.

Zoom and Covid have changed the way the world works. It makes it easier to work with the BEST talent available, versus the best available person in your town. When you look for a mate, do you look for a person in your neighborhood, or are you more open to people in other towns, states, countries? Is it really much different than that? It is all about options, the more potential developers available, the larger the pool of top notch data visualization experts, the easier it is for you to hire the best one for your project.

EXAMPLE 1:  Local to one of our two offices, or near one of our programming or training staff, who are available to go onsite to work at the client’s location Monday through Friday.  For clients which need onsite, in-office help. All work done on premises.

Note: We can come onsite even if you are not near one of our offices, if we have staff in your area, they will come to your office to work onsite Monday through Friday ( Additional costs might apply ).

On-premises work is not as common as it used to be, in the days before Covid, and after Zoom offered a free version.  Much of the world now works on Zoom, but we are still available to go onsite to do the work face-to-face, on premises.

We actually had a client in Orange Country, Aryzta, where we had four Microsoft Excel MVP’s working onsite, the project lasted 9 months, and the team often worked onsite at the clients location over the weekend as well.

Few firms in this space are able to do that level of client service, and local onsite work.

EXAMPLE 2:  Client wants an initial face-to-face consultation, then work performed on a remote basis.

This is also not as common as it used to be, given Covid and all, new clients are requesting this at the lowest levels ever.  Will that change after Covid, not sure, but either way, we are able to come onsite for the initial conversation.

We can then use Zoom for weekly calls, for presentations, to expand the scope of the project, to take on new projects, etc., while we do the work out of one of our USA, Canada, UK offices.  This approach is also less demanding on the client and allows for greater project flexibility.

Especially useful for smaller projects where we do the work in weeks or days, not full 8-hour days, and not for months on end.

EXAMPLE 3: Wants all Zoom based communications, including initial consultation. [ “The New Normal” ]

In 2019 with the introduction of Covid, this has become the norm, not the exception.  One of the things that helped to make this the norm is simple, and it is all over the news and social media, companies, government offices, colleges, etc., have placed many of their staff to work out of their homes, using Zoom, to work remotely.  In doing so they have discovered how well this business model works.  Why pay for all of that office space, parking, and other office expenses when they staff can work from home.

The initial consultation is free, it usually takes 30-75 minutes, depending on your needs, and it will enable us to discuss your needs in great detail.  Based on this call we can present a statement of work for the project, along with a quote for said work.  If you accept the quote, we can start the work right away, no waiting.

We will use Zoom for the initial consultation, then for any needed meetings, to present the product, to discuss tweaks, to expand the scope, or to do another project, or for other needs.  Other than being literally face-to-face, the process is the same, very simple and straightforward.

This is the new norm, give it a try and see how easily it works.  See how much more flexible this is.  You too will become a 5-Star fan.

EXAMPLE 4: Wants all remote work now, using Zoom, including the initial consultation, project review, etc., but with the option to have someone travel onsite, if needed.

For these type of clients, while they currently do not have a need to have anyone onsite, they want to have the option to have one of our top ranked experts, who are out of a different city, to come onsite if the need arises, understanding that there may be additional costs for travel, lodging, etc,.

Not very common, but we do offer it.  Our experts will travel anywhere to meet our clients, in the USA, Canada and the UK.  We can stay onsite for as long as needed, be it days, weeks or months.  We can bring the top experts to your office to work face-to-face, one-on-one, with your team to get the job done as you would like to have it.

We are flexible and we are here to help.

EXAMPLE 5: Client is not near one of our offices, or remote staff and wants onsite, on-premises help Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm, for several weeks or months in a row.

In this example our application developer is like a member of your onsite staff, where their day is your day.  Like a leased employee, prepared to do what work you need to have done, when you want it done, etc. Available to jump into meetings as needed, etc.  This is Premium level service.  They will work on what you want them to work on, and they will stay onsite until the project is complete, be it a week or a year.

Few offer this, as most programmers and developers have a home, family, and responsibilities that they need to tend to. Basically this is like leasing an advanced data visualization expert to work as a member of your staff.

No Matter Your Location or Your Need, We Have You Covered

Zoom Consultation: There is no risk with this method. Contact us, have the free consultation, discuss your needs in great detail, receive an SOW and a quote for said work, and then you can decide, is this the firm you want to work with, is this quote acceptable. If so, hire us, if not, hire someone else. The consultation is where you will learn if we are the firm to work with, the only risk is the 45 minutes or so you spend on that call with us. 4.9 Star Google Business Reviews, on almost 100 reviews, that tells the tale.

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