Choose the Right Microsoft Database for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Microsoft Database Application(s) for Your Organization's Needs   There are four Microsoft databases to choose from, four to integrate and to automate into one complete, seamless Microsoft Database Solution A Smarter Microsoft Database Solution     Microsoft has four relational databases to choose from. How do you choose?   How [...]

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Location Talent Results

Location, Talent, Results: What Matters Most for the Success of Your Project? The quality of the work should come before everything else, for best results LOCATION - Location can be very important, and it definitely matters if you want local onsite help.Firms having the ability to travel onsite to the client is an important option to have [...]

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Microsoft Database Experts

Expert Microsoft Database Development Services. Microsoft Database Application Subject Matter Experts,  Advanced Data Visualization Experts. Professional Microsoft Database Development, featuring point-n-click Integration & Automation in the four Microsoft Relational Database applications, plus Microsoft Excel & Office ( a complete system; a Smarter Microsoft Solution ): For Business, Government, Education, Non-profits and small family run businesses.   To [...]

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3 Things That Make Working with Excel and Access So Simple

At Excel & Access, LLC, we strive every day to help you and your company store and utilize data in a way that is effective, user-friendly, and efficient by providing benchmark Microsoft Application solutions in all of the Microsoft applications. When it comes to Excel and Access programs, it just doesn’t get much more [...]

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How to Import Access Data to Excel Using the “Get External Data – From Access” Option

July 2013 Many people (especially in Finance) use Excel and Access almost interchangeably, feeding data between both applications. But if you've never done it, then how do you? There are several ways to import data from Access to Excel, and you don't even need to have Access open. You can import Tables, as well as [...]

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