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Client case studies on select projects with well known brands.

Case Studies based on Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure & Power BI programming and training projects for:

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We have worked with thousands of clients on thousands of projects over the past three decades.  We have worked with firms from all industries, from all corners of the earth, with an international team of Microsoft subject matter experts.  Some firms you will recognize, some you will not.  The goal of the posts is simply to give you a much better idea of who we are, what we do, whom we work, and what they say.  What do we bring to the table, how can we help you with your unique set of Microsoft application needs.  Maybe your needs are similar to one or more of these select case studies.  Either way, they will give you an indication of if we do what you need to have done.  And if so, how well we do it.


Links to Recent Case Studies:

  1. British Red Cross – Excel and Access Training
  2. Commerce West Bank – Excel Programming and Training
  3. XUMO – Pending –  Microsoft Access and SQL Server application development.

The British Red Cross logo, they hired us for our Excel and Access training.Commerce West Bank logo, a long-term repeat client.Tech Startup XUMO logo, hired us for our Microsoft Database work.


Client Feedback on LinkedIn

Clara Youssef LinkedIn banner from recent work with us.



We will cover some very interesting projects for some very interesting organizations. We will give insight as to how we work, what type of solutions we build and they may give you ideas of ways you can do what you need to have done.  Example, do you use one or more of the Microsoft applications?  Do you copy and paste, do you actually do the work in each of those applications?  If so, how long does that take?  Our case studies show point-n-click solutions where we fully integrate and automate Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI.  The user then clicks a button or two, and the file takes over and does all of the work, including distribution of the file.  98% of big firms do not integrate and automate as they do not know it is possible, or they do not know how.  That is the primary thing we do.  These are the topics we will cover.




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New Case Studies Monthly, please check back. Next up, XUMO the startup we helped which was bought by Comcast. A great Microsoft Access case study.