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Using VStack to Consolidate Excel Datasets

Using Excel VStack to Consolidate Datasets Let's start with this, why would you want or need to consolidate datasets in Microsoft Excel?    Because your Excel programmer decided to place like data across multiple tabs and multiple workbooks. They could have just as easily if not more easily, put all of the data in one [...]

Interactive Reports in Excel Just Got Easier

Interactive Reports in Excel Just Got Easier Until recently, when you wanted to build an interactive and dynamic Excel report, one that allowed the user to build a quick report, on the fly, you would need to write many formulas, and often you would need to add complex VBA/macros.  But the times are changing.  Microsoft [...]

Intermediate Excel Programming Skills

10 Intermediate Excel Programming Skills to Advance Your Career   Can improving your Excel skills help to advance your career? Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet application on the market today.  If you work in business, or in an office, chances are that you work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis.  Knowing these [...]

Microsoft Excel Lead Tracker Application

  Microsoft Excel Lead Tracker   Our Microsoft Excel Lead Tracker allows you to Instantly see where your best leads originate.   Excel Should Be Easy To Use   Our Excel Lead Tracker Application Our Excel Lead Tracker application uses a custom Microsoft Excel UserForms graphical-user-interface to capture incoming leads as well as [...]

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