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Automated Excel Solutions for Business

Automated Excel Solutions for Business ~ Dynamic Excel Development; Optimized Excel Solutions for Business ~ Excel Should be Easy to Use; the update process should not require effort from the user.  This is the hallmark of a proper Excel solution.  At Excel and Access LLC, we build fully automated Excel solutions for Business, Government, and [...]

Excel Development Step by Step

Dynamic Excel 365 Development - Step by Step Index/Match or XLookup, Concatenate/Concat or TextJoin, GroupBy, Pivot Tables or PivotBy.  Hundreds of cells with formulas, or just one dynamic one that Spills.  How you program Excel has changed; Excel Development Step by Step will help you to get up to date.  Requirement, Excel 365. It is [...]

How to Program Excel Dynamic Array Functions

How to Program Excel's Dynamic Array Functions How to Program Excel Dynamic Array Functions in Microsoft Excel in 2024 is far different than it was just a few years ago.  The Microsoft Corporation has been making a lot of significant changes to Microsoft Excel.  First, and most importantly, Microsoft rebuilt Excel’s Calculation Engine in 2018.  Since [...]

Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development

Mentoring Dynamic Excel 365 Development Mentoring Dynamic Excel Development is one of the advanced services our company offers.  Here we take an intermediate or advanced Excel programmer, and we take them up to the expert level.  What you learn here will put you above others who program Excel.   Learning Advanced Excel Programming is Easy [...]

Excel Consultants Leverage Power Query

Our Top Excel Consultants Leverage Power Query One of the most used and respected tools used by leading Excel experts is Power Query. A Powerful Data Transformation Tool, integrated into Microsoft Excel.  Power Query is like a mini database inside of Excel.  Power Query is more advanced than Excel functions when it comes to transforming [...]

Excel Modeling in 2024

Modeling Dynamic Excel 365 in 2024 for Business It is February 2024 and the solutions I am developing right now will for my business clients will most likely be outdated within the year.  Why?  Because the Microsoft Excel Team has been making so many monumental changes in Excel, that Excel 365 is now called "Dynamic [...]

Excel Tables versus Access Database

Recent Microsoft Excel Tables Project We used Excel Tables instead of an Access Database We Build Custom Database Replacement Solutions in Microsoft Excel We recently completed an Excel Development project for a custom guitar builder.  The Excel solution was mostly built with Excel Tables.  Some Power Query was used.  The Tables provided the data structure [...]

Dynamic Excel Changes in 2023

Changes Continued in Dynamic Excel # in 2023 I am sitting on a train, looking out the window at the Pacific Ocean, as I make my way to Santa Barbara to celebrate the Christmas holiday with family. Nothing to do for the next 5 hours.  Given that the year is coming to an end, this [...]

Excel Dynamic Array Functions for Dashboard Reporting

Excel Dynamic Arrays for Dashboard Reporting Everyone reading this has most likely heard of Excel Dashboards.  If you are an Excel programmer, you should have heard of the new Dynamic Array Functions.  Knowing how to properly leverage these functions will greatly simplify your Excel programming.  Here we show how to use a few of the [...]

Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training

Remote One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training   Personalized One-On-One Excel Training When it comes to learning Microsoft Excel, remote one-on-one Microsoft Excel training is the best way to learn Microsoft Excel.   There literally is no faster or more effective way to learn Microsoft Excel than doing it one-on-one, how could there be?  It is you, the [...]