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With each of our clients, we invest time upfront to clearly assess their Microsoft Excel needs and objectives.  We do so to determine scope, cost and timing to ensure that client expectations clearly align with the final deliverable.  Project discovery is a critical phase of any engagement as it affords both our clients and our team alike the opportunity to establish priorities and approach.  In some cases, clients will even request one type of solution but our project discovery lends to an optimal solution leveraging a different application, platform or environment.  We look at all possible outcomes simultaneously and determine the best course of action matching client objectives with our expertise.  That is the value of project discovery, and we even offer a free consultation to invest our time in your project.

This is my personal recommendation for Christopher and his team of experts. He is a detail-oriented professional who has very quick solutions for complex Excel VBA, Access VBA and SQL projects. I contacted Christopher at 9.30PM on a Sunday evening with a critical need. He replied within minutes, and let me know he would have a Microsoft Excel MVP reach out to help, and I found that the MVP really knew Excel.  –

  • Needs Assessment
  • Feasability Analysis
  • Team Determination
  • Objectives Alignment
  • Cost Estimate
  • Scope / Timing
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We provide a full range of consulting services for all Microsoft Applications.  Our consultants are experts in the industry, many of whom are Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) certified.  This is a prestigious award distinguishing technical experts of Microsoft applications.  For any given application, there are only a hundred such experts worldwide and four work with us.  We work extremely hard to retain our top tier skills, and we are very fast and accurate saving you a lot of time and a lot of money.  Excel and Access experts help you with your needs because we are proven experts.  Our developers have published over a dozen books on Excel, Access, Word, and Outlook.  We know how to leverage Microsoft applications in such a way to allow your team to do more work in less time.  All with the click of a button.