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One of the greatest challenges in working with data between various applications is data manipulation.  The objective of transforming data into the format you need traditionally required complex subroutine programming.  Now Power BI allows for data in any format to be easily transformed into your desired format.  With the advent of Power Query, any data source may be brought into a Data Model through the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process and scrubbed, parsed and shaped exactly as needed for your needs and objectives.  Not only is the data in the exact format desired but the complex steps to transform the data source into the data set loaded into the Data Model are saved.  It’s simply a matter of setting it up right once and it works thereafter.  Our team of experts works on these projects daily.  Watch Power BI in action right here!

I worked with Christopher on an extremely important project. Christopher was the ultimate professional. His superlative knowledge of Excel exceeded all expectations. His reports assisted in exhibiting the exact information our client requested.  I would recommend him for any Excel or Access project no matter how complex.  – Dimension Data

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Many clients work with us on Power BI projects to setup Business Intelligence solutions for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the most important reason is that we know best practice in how to build best in class Data Models to fully leverage Power BI capabilities.  We are experts in database architecture and this skill is of paramount importance in understanding relationships for structuring tables, hierarchies for drill down capabilities, measures for custom calculations, KPIs for custom thresholds, etc.  We know exactly how to build your custom solution within Microsoft Excel leveraging all of these critical Business Intelligence components to be shared as Dashboard executive level summaries either on premise, cloud, or mobile.  We also work with our clients to developer Power BI solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power BI Desktop, and powerbi.com.