Microsoft Expert Consulting

Over 1.2 billion people use Microsoft products to power business day-to-day. Good chance you’re one of them.

As your business grows and transforms Microsoft tools become a productivity powerhouse. Did you ever consider that you can actually be more effective and more productive with Microsoft software than you are today?

A Microsoft expert can help you more effectively utilize these tools, streamlining processes,  creating custom templates, and increasing the overall efficiency of the most frequently used Microsoft software.  

Microsoft experts have tapped into the most advanced functions, taking Microsoft products to another level. Microsoft experts can assist across a depth of Microsoft Office products:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft SharePoint

All of these products are equipped with advanced features. Hiring a Microsoft expert can help you to better utilize the software, increasing productivity and overall accessibility.

Experts have the ability to create and streamline processes, and ensure you, your team and your users are using your tools in the most effective ways possible.

Through the use of advanced features comes great productivity.

I was tasked with seeking out a company to assist us in recreating our department’s scorecard and after meeting with Christopher – I knew his team was the right fit to help get the job done!  We have shared our revised scorecard with Sr. Leaders in our organization and have received very positive feedback.  – PepsiCo

  • Windows Platform
  • Mac Platform
  • Automate / Integrate
  • Cross Platform
  • Dedicated Platform
  • 2007+ Supported
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What Does It Mean to Be a Microsoft Expert?

Microsoft experts have taken the proper steps to learn the ins and outs of the most frequently used Microsoft Office products. Experts have taken this knowledge to a master level by passing certification exams administered by Microsoft to be recognized as experts.

Microsoft experts understand the most advanced Microsoft capabilities, and are the ideal resource for tackling any Microsoft use case. Experts are equipped with the knowledge to help your team streamline processes across all of your Microsoft tools.

Microsoft experts have a variety of skills, including:

  • System management solutions
  • End-to-end technology solutions
  • Data management solutions
  • Programming
  • Software updates
  • Software changes/transitions
  • Custom templates

How Can a Microsoft Expert Help Me?

With training and consulting from our experts, you too can be a power user.

Through in-depth analysis, an expert will examine how you are currently using your Microsoft tools and create an efficiency plan.

A few circumstances when it is time to bring in a Microsoft expert include undergoing:

  • Mergers
  • Microsoft audits
  • Data management
  • SharePoint server management
  • Visualization or application development

Sometimes data management can feel overwhelming. If managing your data has gotten out of hand, an expert can scrub your data to eliminate errors. An expert can also transform processes, while eliminating errors and increasing efficiency.

Working with Microsoft experts can help you solve simple document issues, or help you to create fully integrated templates compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Front end application solutions can completely transform efficiency, data management, and processes, while eliminating errors and increasing efficiency.  

Microsoft experts are capable of helping your team achieve these tasks, and more:

  • Software changes
  • Software updates
  • Creation of custom templates
  • Custom formatting for proposals, reports, manuals and presentations
  • Data management solutions
  • Front end development

Why Is Being a Microsoft Certified Partner Important?

Being a Microsoft Certified Partner unlocks resources unavailable to the general public. These resources allow Certified Partners to assist their clients in the most efficient and advanced ways possible.

Exclusive toolkits and ongoing education resources ensure Microsoft Certified Partners are always up to date on the latest, and ever-changing technology.  

All Microsoft Certified Partners are backed by a strong network of Microsoft professionals. Each partner specializes in specific software, strengthening their ability to fulfill your company needs.

No matter if you are in need of a programmer or a trainer, a Microsoft expert can change how you use your most integral software.

Adding a supportive Microsoft expert to your team enhances productivity and ensures you are getting the most out of your Microsoft tools.

Hire Microsoft experts and enhance your efficiency using these critical and popular software products.