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With the advent of Power BI, Microsoft has developed a platform for Business Intelligence that truly delivers as a small business and enterprise level solution alike.  The Power BI capabilities allow a Data Model to be built within Microsoft Excel rather than requesting numerous ad hoc requests to Database administrators of SQL Server, Oracle, etc. within the confines of Information Technology departments.  This represents a game changing shift as everyday Microsoft Office users can now simply get the details from Information Technology to connect to the Data Warehouse and extract real time, actionable data.  Our team of experts works on these projects daily.  Watch Power BI in action right here!

Christopher’s positive “can do” attitude is what I enjoy most about working with Christopher. Because of that, he attracts developers who thrive on challenges. Christopher can always find a developer among the team who has the expertise or problem-solving skills to complete the most challenging projects.  – Data Management & Training

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Power BI connects to virtually any data source wherever it may reside from Databases to Microsoft Office Files to Third Party Online Services, we can connect to your data and generate Dashboard executive level summaries allowing you more time to focus on critical decision making.  As we work with the entirety of the Power BI platform, we also work with clients to build Business Intelligence solutions for Big Data in Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power BI Desktop, and  In many cases, we integrate solutions amongst these various platforms that allow for the same Dashboards to be viewed either on premise, cloud, or mobile.  Most importantly, once a Power BI solution is built by our team, it does not require extensive training, dedicated personnel, or on going maintenance.  It simply works driven by core Microsoft source code.  Contact us to get the Power BI solutions you need.