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Microsoft Programming Services for Finance

At Excel & Access, we offer Microsoft programming for finance that utilizes Microsoft Office suite products, including Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI. If your financial institution operates with Microsoft Office’s business suite, you have the chance to increase operational efficiencies and competencies in almost every area of your institution with our Microsoft Excel programming, Power BI, and Access programming for financial firms. We offer Microsoft programmers to enhance your financial institution’s competencies while exploring some of the program’s more nuanced functions.

Microsoft Excel Programming Services

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used tool in the Microsoft Office Suite. Excel programming for finance organizes data using spreadsheets equipped to calculate, arrange, sort, and manipulate data. Data is organized using both simple features and more complex features such as pivot tables and the scenario manager.

Microsoft Excel supports programming utilizing Visual Basics for Applications (VBA). VBA allows for more complex spreadsheet manipulations that are unavailable when utilizing only standard spreadsheet techniques.

Microsoft Excel programming for finance can help with:

  • Excel automation
  • Data mining
  • Custom data organization and imports
  • Custom templates, charts, and graphs
  • Accurate financial modeling
  • Spreadsheet formatting
  • Database integration
  • Multi-user experiences

By hiring a Microsoft Excel Programmer, the most advanced Excel capabilities become accessible in your day-to-day financial processes. With Excel programming for finance, institutions can streamline and automate important processes, making systems efficient, robust, and user-friendly.

How Can Excel Programming for Finance Help Me?

Excel programming for financial institutions cultivates a unique experience for all users. By creating custom solutions, Excel becomes an especially more useful and comprehensive tool.

Microsoft Excel features advanced calculation capabilities and advanced design options. When data is streamlined and user-friendly, it increases the importance of accuracy by playing a crucial role in decision making.

There are many benefits to Excel programming for finance and hiring a Microsoft Excel programmer:

  • Cost savings
  • On or off-site programmer
  • A dedicated programmer always available
  • On-site education
  • Professional and experienced
  • Fast and efficient solutions
  • On-demand support
  • Backed by an experienced team

Microsoft Access Programming Services

Microsoft Access exhibits multiple features to help you take care of all of your financial institution’s database needs. Though Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used Microsoft Office product, as your financial institution progresses, Access is likely to become the ideal software platform for applications and data.

Access programming for finance is designed to support financial teams and their clients, acting as both a database and application hub. With the integration of commonly used Office software, applications and databases can be designed to work in tandem.

Whether you’re incorporating Microsoft Access for a department, enterprise, or an individual, a Microsoft Access programmer can assist with making the software work for you.

Microsoft Access programming for finance can help you achieve a wide array of tasks:

  • System build outs
  • Desktop solutions
  • Creation of quick and cost-effective business applications
  • System issues
  • Database management
  • Web solutions
  • VBA programming code
  • Intranet solutions

How Can Access Programming for Finance Help Me?

There are applications critical to an institution’s day-to-day success and survival. Such applications play a vital role in both accomplishing goals and acting as data centers. By hiring a Microsoft Access programmer, you will have somebody who performs the needed and sometimes frequent maintenance.

Access programming for finance has a wide array of capabilities:

  • Data analysis
  • Automations using VBA and Macros
  • Report generation
  • Data retrieval
  • Data structures
  • Scalability
  • Queries
  • Automatic updates

With Access programming for finance, your most popularly used tools can become your most powerful assets. By creating custom applications and streamlined data for the front and back-end users, the experience is completely transformed.

With Microsoft Access programmers readily available, there are amazing opportunities for growth, education, and convenience.

Microsoft Power BI Programming Services

Microsoft Power BI programming combines strategy with analytics, making way for transformational financial data and insights.

Power BI programming for finance improves your current data management system and can implement a new system to enhance the use of financial data.

By implementing strategic data roadmaps, big data solutions become an essential part of your institution’s digital transformation.

Whether your institution is looking to implement or change current business solutions, hiring a Microsoft Power BI programmer ensures that a solution is mapped out especially for your financial institution.

How Can Power BI Programming for Finance Help Me?

A Power BI programmer gets to know your institution to provide impactful solutions designed to help uncover insights and stimulate better decision making.

Correct implementation of Power BI programming for finance ensures your users are getting the most from this data management tool. Usability is at the very forefront of our Power BI programmers’ minds.

A Microsoft Power BI programmer can help you elevate your tools by creating a unique app for each task and incorporating workflow automation, all while bringing together data in a common model.

Power BI programming for finance can connect many different data sources, including:

  • Excel
  • Google Analytics
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • MailChimp
  • Web Pages
  • MySQL
  • CSV
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Sharepoint Lists
  • Salesforce

Current applications can be transformed through embedding data visuals to help with delivering reports across an array of devices. By collecting and infusing data from across your financial institution, actionable insights are delivered.

Power BI programming for finance can also help you with leveraging new technology while providing amazing analytics solutions.

To learn more about our Microsoft programming solutions for financial institutions, speak with our team of programmers today!

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