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Trusted Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, Office 365, Azure & Power BI Consulting Services for the US Military

Here at Excel & Access, we don’t just provide expert Excel training and Excel consulting for Fortune 500 companies and SME organizations. We also offer our services for federal, state, and local government agencies. In fact, we count the United States Navy, United States Army, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Homeland Security among our many satisfied clients.

We’re proud to offer Excel, Access, and Power BI consulting for all military branches to help them make the most out of these productivity suites and improve their efficiency and efficacy throughout their entire range of functions. From Excel programming and Power BI consulting, to Access training and Excel training, we can help you maximize your operations and increase your productivity.

Excel Consulting for Military

Excel & Access understands that if your military branch or government agency is utilizing the tools in Microsoft Office, then you want to optimize the way you’re using them. And with our Excel training, programming, and consulting services, we can help you enhance the way you apply these products for measuring, reporting, and forecasting. This includes not only Excel but Access and Power BI as well. No matter what the department or sector, your operations will run smoother, faster, and more efficiently using these tools and the insight which we provide you and your staff.

There’s a vast range of applications for our military Excel training and consulting. For instance, we can instruct your team on how to strengthen their spreadsheet skills by helping them learn how to support data analytics through advanced spreadsheet functions. There’s no denying that the Microsoft Office suite is one of the most widely used applications in the world and that Excel is renowned for its superior functionality when it comes to spreadsheet programs. With our military Excel consulting services, we can teach your staff how to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge of this program.

For instance, we can help your military branch or organization to understand the advanced functions of Excel and maximize their ability to:

  • Instill and execute budgets
  • Organize, sort, and filter data to understand trends and patterns
  • Manage, track, and summarize data
  • Produce expert dashboarding reporting and analytics

Access Consulting for Military

With our Access consulting services for the military, we can show your staff how to use the platform as a way to better organize items like databases and other critical information. Our Access training and Access consulting provide you and your team with the support they need to increase their knowledge of this program and take advantage of all its functionality and distinct benefits. This not only creates new opportunities to view and automate some processes of your operations, but it makes them more streamlined and efficient as well.

With our Access consulting services for the military, we will show your team how to strengthen their core data interaction potential through:

  • Templates for all your databases
  • The ability to integrate data collected through business driving sources and other applications
  • Storage for SQL data
  • The ability to create applications without the need of a developer
  • Process automation

No matter which branch you’re a part of, our Access consulting services for the military will help your staff find more usefulness and versatility through this program.

Power BI Consulting for Military

One of the most significant advantages of the functionality of these programs is their adaptability and increased usefulness as functions get more intricate. For instance, with Power BI consulting for your military branch, your team can captivate your audience with data metrics and other crucial information — all visually. This allows for a more compelling presentation of this data, the simplicity of which creates chances to gain new and useful insight.

For instance, you probably already realize how critical it is to provide your organization with information and data that are actionable and useful for improving your internal processes and operations. With Power BI training, your staff will learn Microsoft’s visualization suite and collection of analytical tools that allow you and your team to assimilate, summarize, and present data through visual means. Our experts help you to maximize your efforts and streamline your learning objective, freeing up precious time, resources, and operational costs.

With Power BI consulting for military branches, Excel & Access can provide you and your staff with the ability to:

  • Organize your most critical metrics and data
  • Create data insight that’s secure and reliable
  • Draw from several hundred sources of data and integrate them all

Programming for Military

In addition to our Excel Access and Power BI consulting services for military, we also offer Excel programming, Access programming, and Power BI programming services for your branch. With our programming services, our experts will give your organization the opportunity to optimize and streamline your daily processes, making your overall operation more effective, efficient, and productive.

Offering a Range of Services for the Military

No matter what kind of Microsoft Excel instruction your team needs, we can provide it. Here’s a list of all our consulting and programming services for military branches:

  • Excel training
  • Excel consulting
  • Excel programming
  • Access training
  • Access programming
  • Access consulting
  • Power BI training
  • Power BI consulting
  • Power BI programming

For more information or to get started on increasing your productivity and simplifying your internal processes, contact us today.

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