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Microsoft Consulting Services for Business

Here at Excel and Access, we provide Microsoft consulting services to businesses that use any of the Microsoft applications, including Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure, Office 365 and Power BI. These consulting services include programming, development and training solutions.

If your company works with Microsoft Office 365 or one or more of the four Microsoft Relational Databases, you are wielding some of the most powerful tools for tracking, visualizing, and reporting key data metrics for the benefit of your business. But you may need help getting the most out of your data and that is where our top data visualization experts come to the rescue, 877-392-3539.

We offer Excel consulting for corporations who wish to improve their team’s Excel competencies through programming or training.  If you would like to have your Microsoft applications updated, revised, or new workbooks and databases developed, we are here to assist you. Need one-on-one or group training in Micrsoft Excel?  Our Excel MVP’s make the best Excel trainers as they are the Microsoft certified Microsoft Excel subject matter experts.

Some very well-known, very large corporations have hired us, repeatedly, for our consulting services, give us a call at 877-392-3539 to see why. Standing-by to discuss your needs with you.


Your company may not be as big or as well-known as our clients below, but you will get the same level of service, and you will work with the same team of Microsoft Application experts:


Smarter Microsoft Solutions for Business


Client Testimonial – Finance Project:

“Excel and Access, it’s quality and level of work are all phenomenal. We enjoyed our engagement with them on a special project. They were flexible, nimble and able to meet our very high standards, requirements and tight deadlines. They were available and met the deadlines comfortably. We will hire them again if need arises. They care about their clients and make sure we were satisfied with the completed work. I would recommend their work to anyone.”

– M. Kim (LinkedIn)



Knowing Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL at the expert level is important for a professional consultant but having a programmer that knows business, finance and accounting is as equally important, when working with business clientele. Our consultants are business professionals.



Our Microsoft Excel Consulting Services – Programming, Training & Development for Business

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used application in the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications, used by business, and for good reason. Microsoft Excel is how business gets done.  Our team of Microsoft Excel consultants are here to help business with their Microsoft Excel consulting needs, with 100% custom based solutions, for today’s data-driven business environment. If your company needs help with Microsoft Excel, our company is here to assist. We are the Microsoft Excel subject matter experts, most of our senior Excel Team have been working in MS Excel since 1985.

Excel consulting for business helps your team with advanced needs:

  • Create executive-level Excel dashboards for Senior Management
  • Reporting & Analysis workbooks to see trends
  • Summarize, track, and manage big-data
  • Visualize key performance indicators with advanced charts, graphs, dashboards, etc.
  • Use data visualization tools to get the most out of your data
  • Interactive Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Integration, Automation, w/ a Point-N-Click GUI
  • VBA, Macros, Coding, VBA Programming
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Excel UserForms for power and ease of use
  • Budgets, Forecasts, Actuals, Pro Forma Financials, Accounting applications, Month-End Close, etc.
  • We integrate Excel with Office 365
  • If it is done in Excel, and if it is done in business, that is exactly what we do.  No project or need is too big nor too small.



Red Bull Testimonial – Finance Department:

Excel and Access performed superb work while supporting our business planning process. The team helped create a fully integrated planning tool and subsequent rollups which helped us manage our business effectively.

Also, Excel and Access fixed a project that a prior consultant did not complete according to specifications.

I would highly recommend this company for any work needed in Excel & Access.

Quick, accurate, and reliable! Great results, on time, and integrity!





How can a Microsoft Excel Consultant help your business with your Excel workbooks?

Our Excel consulting services for business can help your team get the most out of your Excel applications, either through our custom Excel programming or our industry leading one-on-one Microsoft Excel training. Either way you work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel subject matter expert, one who takes data visualization to new levels.

There is more to training than just learning basic Excel functions.  Thar does not pose significant challenges, nor does it lead to increased productivity and output, in most cases, but learning more complex methods and techniques of proper workbook development can become a lengthy time drain and a frustrating headache, as there is a lot to learn in order to build a truly advanced Excel workbook.

Learning to properly build complex financial workbooks can take years to do, even decades, so why not instead hire our team of Excel programmers and developers to build the custom Excel workbooks your organization needs today, and we can focus on a long-term training program once that is done?

Our personalized corporate approach to Microsoft Excel consulting services encourages working smarter, not harder, while dramatically increasing productivity. Get a Smarter Microsoft Solution.

While free online training videos on Excel functions are helpful when you are in a pinch to learn say the XLookup function, our corporate Microsoft Excel training services are tailored to suit the exact needs of your team first, making sure your team learns only the most powerful and effective techniques and functions in Microsoft Excel, not just one function, but the right functions, the right ways to create Pivot Tables, custom Dashboards and how to actually build an entire workbook from start to finish, always at the expert level.  Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions for Business.


Examples of ways to improve your Excel workbooks include:

  • Full Integration and Automation of Excel with all the Microsoft applications
  • Use advanced Excel UserForms for data entry
  • Use of an Inputs tab
  • Dynamic Named Ranges
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Calculations
  • Interactive Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts
  • Power BI Dashboards
  • Heavy use of VBA/Macros/Code to eliminate manual processes
  • Slicers, Timeline, etc
  • Our advanced Excel workbooks work on both the PC and the Mac
  • What-if Scenario Analysis
  • Training in the advanced Excel functions
  • No more wasted hours copy and pasting data
  • No need to change formulas each time you update the file
  • Custom One-On-One Microsoft Excel and Access training


image of Excel budget

We assist a lot of businesses with their budgets and forecasts using Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server.





Microsoft Access Consulting Services for the Business Sector

We offer professional Microsoft Access consulting services to business.  Our consultants provide programming, training and database-development services in Microsoft Access.  Our company can provide your business with the exact Access application you are looking for and we can provide your team with the exact training and support required to optimize your usage of this Microsoft relational database.

A Smarter Microsoft Access Database Solution:  Hire our company to custom build the Access application to your exact needs, we can then train your staff on how to properly update, maintain, and use the Access database. Best of both worlds, all in one package, a Smarter Microsoft Solution.

Microsoft Access manages bigdata with power, grace, and ease of use:

  • Automation of manual business processes
  • Fully automated, stand-alone Access applications
  • Split Access databases (Depending on needs and environment):
    • Access front-end, Access back-end
    • Excel front-end, Access back-end
    • SQL Server back-end, Access front-end
    • Azure back-end to an Access front-end
  • Integration of data from business driving data sources and driving applications
    • Leverage online data downloads with the advanced use of API’s.
  • Integrate Access with Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI
    • Create a single custom, fully integrated and automated solution instead of 12 separate applications.
      • Reduce the efforts of the user in the work process.
  • Access Forms for ease of use, power, and automation
    • Point-n-click graphical interface merged with power.
  • Programming, Database Development and Training in Microsoft Access are all great investments.




How can a Microsoft Access Consultant help your business?

Our Microsoft Access consulting services can help you tap into the most advanced, customizable Access features, as well as to get the most out of your existing Access databases (Programming, Development and Training Services for Business):

  • We can help you to get the most out of Microsoft Access
  • Integration of data, from other applications, such as Excel, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI, online, etc.
  • Advanced VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Forms based solutions
  • Custom Graphical User Interface for power and ease of use
  • Data management
  • Data manipulation
  • Data visualization
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Upgrade to the most recent version of Access
  • Upgrade from Access to SQL Server
  • Upgrade from Access to Azure
  • Revise an existing database, bringing up to current needs
  • Build new and 100% custom Access based applications
  • Provide one-on-one Access training
  • Provide onsite or remote Access group training
  • Training can be in Access programming, VBA programming or on how to use an Access database
  • Debug or troubleshoot problem applications



Several of our Microsoft Access Consulting Services Clients:








“BIG Data” requires a bigger database.

Big Business projects often come with “BIG Data”.  For BIG Data you need BIG Databases.

We have worked with some very very big firms in terms of their annual revenues.  And their data is about as big as bigdata can get.  For big-data we recommend using either Microsoft SQL Server and/or Power BI, with some MS Azure and MS Access mixed in, as needed. Yes, that integrated solution almost always includes Excel. ( Big Business, Big Clients, Big Data, Big Database Experts )


Our advanced data visualization developers help our business clients to get the most out of their big-data, custom built Microsoft solutions just for business.


Several of our BIG Data Clients:


Microsoft SQL Server Consulting Services for Business





Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services for Business

In the era of “Big Data,” it is crucial to have real-time, actionable information that provides meaningful insight into key business processes. Power BI, a cloud-based suite of analytics visualization tools from Microsoft, grants your team the ability to analyze, assimilate, and summarize data with visual representations of your business’s key performance metrics. Our Microsoft Power BI consultants can streamline the complexities of learning this powerful software.


Power BI Consulting Services – Programming, Training and Development

Our Microsoft Power BI consulting services help you navigate and utilize the essential features of the program while providing unique guidance on implementation, integration, and setup optimization.

Our Microsoft Power BI consultants teach your team how to:

  • Utilize integrations from hundreds of data sources
  • Organize important business data
  • Provide secure data insights


How can a Microsoft Power BI consultant help your business?

Power BI consulting for businesses can provide a wide variety of operational solutions. Consulting elevates your data across a number of verticals.

Our Power BI consulting for business offers effective solutions for the following industries:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Public Sector
  • Capital Markets
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Airlines
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services

Our Power BI consulting for businesses can help find the data analytics solutions best suited to your company’s needs. By hiring a consultant, your team will become highly knowledgeable of the tool, cutting out the waste in self-learning the complexities of Power BI. Along with a fast-tracked education, a Power BI consultant will always be available to answer questions and help fine-tune the reports and processes your team needs.

Also, consulting services can provide expert development of interactive reports and visuals to any application you have. There is a great convenience in having an easily accessible application, and the convenience grows through embedding the analytics.

If your data is stored in multiple sources, an expert can help you streamline your data, bringing added organization to your business. There is no need to have any questions about the most efficient and capable use of Power BI in your organization.

We offer Microsoft consulting for businesses to improve efficiency and provide the proper education to move forward with full incorporation of these programs in your day-to-day business functions. To get started, talk to our team of consultants today!



Microsoft Azure SQL Consulting Services for Business







Why Are We The Best?

Excel and Access surpasses the competitors by delivering on projects exceeding client expectations, just see our testimonials, and by providing a guarantee on all of our work.
We are driven to work hard, retain top talent, and put clients first. This simple strategy has consistently guided our success as we continue to rapidly expand our services worldwide.
Our team has a passion to provide the collective services as certified experts in consulting, programming and training. We provide experts who are specialists rather than overall generalists.
We commit to our clients that our services are unmatched, and our project solutions are robust. Our team will work with your team to build a long term business relationship.