Access Archon Working With Outlook

>>Access Archon Working With Outlook

Access Archon Working With Outlook


From an Access database, you can write email messages, create contacts, set tasks or handle appointments. Alternatively, import Outlook information into Access to manipulate the same data in ways that Outlook can’t accomplish alone.  This books shows you how to do just that, and includes ready to use code.


  • Includes Working Code

  • Covers Multiple Versions

  • Importing / Exporting

  • Debugging Strategies

  • Design Techniques


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Product Description

Access is a great database, ideal for storing data to add and edit in forms and display in reports.  Outlook has great Calendar, Task List, and Email features.  In fact, Outlook is a database; it’s a big complex database.  Yet, it’s still a database.  Helen shows how get the two Microsoft Office programs to seamlessly integrate to maximize productivity.  Rather than recreate the Outlook Calendar or Contacts in Access, you can use VBA code to transfer data leveraging the best features of each application.  Using Outlook and Access together for great results!