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At Excel and Access Experts LLC we work locally with small and large Business, Governmental Agencies, Educational Institutions and individuals of all shapes and sizes. We provide Microsoft Excel And Access Services for Business. As such we offer local, on-site, and remote professional help services in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access as well as all of MS Office Suites. Our primary services include 1) Consulting & Programming, 2) Training & Classes, 3) Webinars & Seminars, as well as Books, Videos, and Blogs on the various Microsoft Office applications. We support everything Microsoft produces, including SQL Server, SharePoint, and Azure. We support Microsoft locally as they are a client of ours.

We provide local Microsoft Excel And Access Services for Business, which includes Programming, Consulting, Classes, Training, Webinars, and Seminars - 877.392.3539, Call or Email Today image

See a few of our better known local Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access clients of ours - 877.392.3539

We Provide Local Microsoft Excel and Access Help for Business - Since 1994

Stop by our brick and mortar office in the heart of Orange County California:
17880 Skypark Circle Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92614
949.612.3366 | 877-392-3539

Locally Based Worldwide ♦ United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia ♦

Contact us now for Local Excel Consultant Help Services 877-392-3539, we can help you today

Testimonial: Christopher & Jacob were outstanding to work with. They quickly understood my project request and delivered exactly what we asked for with incredible turnaround speed (discussed project on a Friday and Jacob completed it that weekend! I had another company that I had contacted on Friday as well and they did not get back to me until Monday and I had to tell them not only had I gone with someone else, but that they had already completed the project!). Jacob's excel/macro skills were outstanding. What he did with our spreadsheet was exceptional. I would highly recommend Christopher and his team with no reservations. Their commitment to quality, fair rates, and speed of completion were EXCELLENT. If they say they can do it...they can do it!

Our Services - Consulting, Programming, Training, Classes & Seminars, Webinars

1) We provide local Microsoft Excel Programming and Microsoft Access Consulting Services to Businesses of all sizes, as well as to Government Agencies and Educational Institutions (public and private), Internationally. We do so as Microsoft Excel and Access experts. We are The E&A Team, and we are here to help you and your team with everything Microsoft.

2) In our educational service line we provide local Microsoft Excel and Access Classes, Training, Lessons, Seminars, Webinars, Videos, blogs and Books. Our firm, Excel and Access, LLC has been in operation since 2004 in the heart of sunny Southern California (Orange County), where we have been helping business with all of their Excel and Access needs. We are proud to be a member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

See a few of our developer books - 877.392.3539

Our Markets - Business, Government, & Education

We work both locally and remotely with both small and large business (Microsoft, Toshiba, HP, Honda, Red Bull), as well as with government services (Social Security Administration, City of Long Beach, and the U.S. Postal Service), and we work with educational institutions (Harvard, ASU, University of Arizona and University of Phoenix).

While we often work on a remote basis, we can support you locally as well because we have local Excel and Access Developer offices across the globe, from over dozen locations (Orange County, Los Angeles, Canada, Texas, New York, UK, etc.). Your organization can consider us your local Microsoft Excel and Access experts, no matter where you are, no matter what your need, we have you covered, because we will come to you. We will travel anywhere, anytime, travel expenses apply.

The talented professional developers that make up the E&A Team have completed over 5,000 projects in their careers, and have decades of daily hands on MS Access and Excel Development experience to draw on. Their experience cannot be beat; these are some of the best minds in Excel or Access.

At Excel and Access experts we offer free consultations, free estimates, two toll-free phone numbers, and results that exceed your expectations - Guaranteed. So when you need to hire a local Excel consultant, call on the E&A Team at Excel and Access, LLC. We can help you the same day you call or email.

Our Excel and Access - Clients and Testimonials
Big Business hires Excel and Access, LLC to get the job done right the first time, such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, and IBM - 877-392-3539 - Irvine California

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Featured Testimonial - Written by LinkedIn.Com
LinkedIn.Com Hired Excel and Access LLC and even writes a glowing testimonial on our Excel and Access services

Excel and Access, its proprietors, its quality and level of work are all phenomenal. We enjoyed our engagement with them on a special project. They were flexible, nimble and was able to meet our very high standards, requirements and tight deadlines. They were available and met the deadlines comfortably. We would hire them again if need arises. They care about their clients and made sure we were satisfied with the completed work.

I would recommend their work to anyone, especially if you are looking for an elegant solution with limited resources. They will deliver a sophisticated solution, on time, to automate any need via excel or access.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity - Developer was Jacob, our Senior Excel Programmer

Mary Ann Kim
LinkedIn.Com - Social Media
Manager, Global Compensation

Why should you hire the Microsoft Excel and Access Experts?
  • Our work will save you money, each time you use the application, accumulating over time
  • We will shave hours, and we will shave days off of your workload via MS automation
  • We will reduce embarrassing human error and the financial impact it has
  • We know what we are doing, we are very fast, and we will make you more efficient too
  • We will allow you to do more important work than you can imagine, like analysis and planning
  • We will build Excel Macros and Excel Add Ins that save time and money, a lot of money
  • We will make sure that the work is done right the first time
  • We will guarantee our work, we include tweaks in our quotes

How can Excel and Access, LLC Help you & your team today?
  • We will build you advanced custom Microsoft Excel workbooks
  • We will solve your challenging issues with your MS Excel and Access files
  • We will build you advanced Microsoft Access databases, with SQL Server
  • We will update and upgrade your MS Excel and Access files to the latest version, 2013
  • We will train your staff on the best uses of Microsoft Excel and Access, and MS Office
  • We will teach you all about Microsoft Excel and About Access, how to use them for business
  • We will start your project today, and we may even finish it today
  • We will come to you, anywhere in the world, we work when you work
  • We will work late at night, over weekends, whatever it takes to get it done

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Our Service Lines

Our Typical Client

  • Small Business
  • Large Business
  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Individuals

Our Contact Info

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Current News & Promos

Helen Feddemas Microsoft Access 2013 eBook is now available

We are happy to be a proud member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

Work with some of the best Microsoft Excel MVPs in the world, right here at Excel and Access LLC - 714.262.6893 - Local Orange County California Help

Several Excel Consultants are Microsoft Excel MVPs

A few of Our Microsoft Excel and Access Training Clients, See our expert Training Services

Local Microsoft Excel Programming Services Specifically for Business, Government, and Education

Our local Microsoft Excel and Access experts are able to provide local Microsoft Excel Programming Services to Business, Government, and Education, locally from Orange County, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, New York, London, and more. That is the advantage of having the E&A Team across the globe, we are in most major business centers, hopefully one near you. If you are not near one of our international developer offices, no problem, we can either travel to you and work onsite or we can work remotely. We cannot only help you with your Excel programming needs, but with all of your Microsoft Access Programming needs too. In fact, we support all of the Microsoft Office applications, plus SQL Server and SharePoint. Please call today, toll-free 877-392-3539, local to Orange County California 714-262-6893.

Free Microsoft Excel Videos - See the latest, Microsoft Excel 2013 Timeline Interface by Zack Barresse

See all of our FREE Microsoft Excel videos on one page, or see them in full-screen. They are our: Tips &Tricks, VLookup, Infogram, and the latest, the Microsoft Excel 2013 Timeline feature.

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